FACEIT Intorduces Collegiate Valorant, LoL and CS:GO Leagues

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FACEIT Intorduces Collegiate Valorant, LoL and CS:GO Leagues

Colleges and universities across North America have more chances to compete thanks to FACEIT.

Today, online gaming platform and tournament organizer FACEIT has announced the latest development of their Collegiate Division. As part of this, they're introducing tournaments for League of Legends, Valorant and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. All combined, these tournaments boast a total $55k prize pool for collegiate esports athletes to compete for.

To start, the CS:GO tournament is named the CS:GO Premier League. It'll feature a ten-week Swiss bracket regular season, then playoffs and Finals. In addition, teams will battle for a total $25k prize pool.

Next up is the League of Legends Invitational Series. This one has more of a unique structure, as there will be state and provincial qualifiers. These, in turn, will feed into Regional Invitationals that award $5k each in prizes. Finally, the best performers from these regional tournaments will face off at the Collegiate FACEIT Finals. Here, collegiate esports athletes can compete for an additional $10k.

Finally, teams can compete in a casual Valorant tournament or the Valorant Premier League, where there will be a $10k prize pool. Head of Collegiate Esports at FACEIT Duran Parsi shared his excitement and hopes for the future of FACEIT's collegiate division:

“The North American leagues are only the beginning, and we have many more plans involving schools and esports collegiate clubs around the world to help provide resources and a platform to support their own internal events to help grow gaming communities on campus. The collegiate scene is an important component for the whole competitive ecosystem and we are looking forward to starting these new programs within three of the most exciting esport circuits in North America.”

Teams and colleges interested in taking part in these tournaments can sign up here.

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