Exploring And Mastering Tier 5 Neutral Items – Patch 7.34b

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Exploring And Mastering Tier 5 Neutral Items – Patch 7.34b

Diving into the game-changing potential of every Dota 2 Tier 5 Neutral Items 

Step into Dota 2‘s world of enigmatic neutral items. In this series, we decode the transformative potential of Tier 5 Neutral Items, offering insights into how they shape battles for heroes.

Tier 5 Neutral Item Drop Mechanics and Timing

Dota 2 Tier 5 Neutral Items, emerging after 60 minutes (or 30 in Turbo mode), are legendary artifacts with unparalleled power. From substantial attribute bonuses to unique abilities, they redefine hero potential. 

Whether boosting survival, reflecting damage, banishing foes, or resetting cooldowns, these items reshape battles and turn the tide. 

Their impact transcends win rates, aiding victory. These coveted prizes offer diverse benefits to reshape matches, underlining their role as pivotal, game-ending assets in critical late-game moments. Seizing these artifacts empowers teams, enabling strategic plays that can secure triumph on the battlefield.

  • Color: Orange
  • Drop Mechanics: Dropped after 60 minutes (30 minutes in Turbo mode)
  • Drop Chance: 10% drop rate (30% at Ancient Camps)
  • Items: Legendary artifacts that wield immense game-ending power

Tier 5 Neutral Items Explained:

Exploring And Mastering Tier 5 Neutral Items - Patch 7.34b

Understanding Tier 5 Neutral Items' timings and significance empowers teams to strategize around these legendary game-ending artifacts.

Apex – Overwhelming Power

The raw primary attributes provided from this item can work wonders with any Hero who directly benefits from stat-gain, especially Agility and Strength Heroes.  

  • Bonuses: +70 Primary Attribute or +25 All Attributes (for Universal Heroes) 
  • 6 Highest Win Rate Heroes: Drow Ranger, Riki, Sniper, Phantom Assassin, Pudge, Slark 

Arcanist’s Armor – Back to Sender

Similar to Blademail, this armor’s damage reflection works greatly with tanky frontlining Heroes who have high HP or Magic Resistance, helping them survive while returning damage. 

  • Ability: Grants the user a force field aura that reflects 40% of all damage for 5 seconds 
  • Passive: Grants the user an aura of 1200 radius that give allies +5 armor and +20% magic resistance
  • Bonuses: +5 Armor and +20% Magic Resistance
  • Top 6 Highest Win Rate Heroes: Axe, Pudge, Bristleback, Necrophos, Spectre, Legion Commander

Book of Shadows – Banishing Enchantments

This item is perfect for Supports or Heroes who want a good utility item that can banish an enemy out of a crucial teamfight or an ally to safety for 4 seconds.

  • Ability: Does a basic dispel and causes a target unit (ally or enemy) to be untargettable, silenced, muted and disarmed for 4 seconds. Grants 20 attack speed if there are enemy Heroes in a 1200 radius
  • Bonuses: – +13 Strength, +13 Agility, +13 Intelligence and +400 Night Vision
  • Top 6 Highest Win Rate Heroes: Witch Doctor, Rubick, Lion, Invoker, Jakiro, Mirana

Book of the Dead – Grave Allies

After the exclusion of the Necromonicons, this Neutral Item is perfect for Pushers, Support Heroes and Cores that have abilities that amplify summoned units. 

  • Ability: Summons 4 Necronomicon units (2 Level 4 warriors and 2 Level 4 archers)with special abilities that last for 75 seconds
  • Bonuses: +25 Strength and +25 Intelligence
  • Note: Their abilities include Mana Break, Last Will, True Sight, Purge and Movement Speed Aura. The units cannot be targeted by Hand of Midas, or converted.
  • Top 6 Highest Win Rate Heroes: Witch Doctor, Invoker, Nature’s Prophet, Lion, Rubick, Jakiro 

Ex Machina – Hard Reset

This item is perfect for Heroes that usually pick up high-cooldown items that are great at team fights for their disables, damage, AoE impact and more. 

  • Ability: Resets the cooldown of all items and has a cooldown of 25 seconds
  • Bonuses: +20 Attack Speed and +100 Attack Range 
  • Note: Does not reset cooldown of Refresher Orb or Refresher Shard
  • Top 6 Highest Win Rate Heroes: Invoker, Witch Doctor, Axe, Phantom Assassin, Earthshaker, Queen of Pain

Fallen Sky – Meteoric Mayhem

This item is great for initiator Heroes with powerful teamfight spells, allowing them to deal more AoE damage and disables.

  • Ability: Allows the user to transform into a falling meteor, stunning enemies for 1.6 seconds and dealing 150 impact damage (75 for buildings) in a 315 AoE. There is a following 60 burn damage every second for 6 seconds
  • Bonus: +25 Strength, + 15 Intelligence, +15 Health Regeneration and +10 Mana Regeneration
  • Top 6 Highest Win Rate Heroes: Earthshaker, Pudge, Invoker, Axe, Witch Doctor, Necrophos

Force Boots – Stepping Ahead

Similar to Force Staff this item is mostly picked up Heroes that benefit from faster repositioning, allowing them for better ability line ups and to initiate or flee engagements with ease.  

  • Ability: Dispels the user and pushes them forward 750 units in the direction they are facing
  • Passive: Removes the speed limit for the user
  • Bonuses: +30 Health Regeneration and +115 Movement Speed
  • Top 6 Highest Win Rate Heroes: Sniper, Witch Doctor, Spirit Breaker, Lion, Invoker, Pudge

Giant’s Ring – Stomping Strength

This item excels on high-strength Heroes that are usually played as initiators and front liners, as this ability allows them to move in and out of combat, trampling their enemies for massive damage. 

  • Ability: Movement for the user in unrestricted by terrain and deals 100% of their Strength per second to enemies in a 100 radius
  • Bonuses: +35 Strength and +50 Movement Speed
  • Note: The user’s Hero model size increases by 60%
  • Top 6 Highest Win Rate Heroes: Pudge, Axe, Earthshaker, Legion Commander, Wraith King, Spirit Breaker

Mirror Shield – Mimicking Magic

This item works similarly as a Lotus Orb, but completely blocks and reflects most targeted spells, making it amazing on initiator Heroes who have difficulty countering disables. 

  • Passive: Blocks and reflects most targeted spells back to their caster once every 12 seconds 
  • Bonuses: +10 Strength, +7 Agility,  +10 Intelligence and + 10 Intelligence
  • Top 6 Highest Win Rate Heroes: Invoker, Witch Doctor, Phantom Assassin, Queen of Pain, Necrophos, Earthshaker

Pirate Hat – Bounty Hoarder

Although quite a greedy item that spawns bounty runes, this item also grants a lot of Attack Speed, making it incredible on physical damage Heroes.

  • Ability: Spawn a Bounty Rune after 1 second of channeling
  • Bonuses: +15 Movement Speed and +150 Attack Speed
  • Top 6 Highest Win Rate Heroes: Sniper, Faceless Void, Slark, Silencer, Drow Ranger, Phantom Assassin

Seer Stone – Endless Sight

This item is perfect for supporting Heroes, as it allows them some extra Mana regen and cast range, as well as extra vision and global Fog of War revealing capabilities.

  • Ability: Reveals a 800 radius global target location on the map for 6 seconds
  • Bonus: +10 Mana Regeneration, +350 Cast Range, +350 Vision
  • Note: Provides vision and True Sight
  • Top 6 Highest Win Rate Heroes: Witch Doctor, Lion, Rubick, Jakiro, Zeus, Skywrath Mage

Stygian Desolator Armor Wrecker

This item works as a more powerful version of the Desolator, amplifying the armor reduction and physical damage of physical damage carry Heroes greatly. 

  • Passive: User’s attacks reduce the enemies armor by 10 for 7 seconds
  • Bonuses: +60 Attack Damage
  • Top 6 Highest Win Rate Heroes: Pudge, Phantom Assassin, Bristleback, Necrophos, Sniper, Legion Commander 

As we wrap up our exploration of Tier 5 Neutral Items, we're excited to continue unraveling the mysteries across the tiers. Feel free to revisit our previous chapters as we journeyed through Dota 2's neutral item landscape, gaining a deeper understanding of their competitive significance and strategic value.


Exploring And Mastering Tier 5 Neutral Items – Patch 7.34b
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