Exploring And Mastering Tier 1 Neutral Items – Patch 7.34b

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Exploring And Mastering Tier 1 Neutral Items – Patch 7.34b

Diving into the game-changing potential of every Dota 2 Tier 1 Neutral Items 

Step into Dota 2‘s world of enigmatic neutral items. In this series, we decode the transformative potential of Tier 1 Neutral Items, offering insights into how they shape battles for heroes.

Tier 1 Neutral Item Drop Mechanics and Timing

In Dota 2, neutral items add depth to the game. Hidden in neutral camps across the map, these special items can change the course of battles. Grasping their mechanics and timing is vital for strategic success.

Starting at the 7-minute mark in a Dota 2 match, Tier 1 neutral items come into play, subtly shifting the game's dynamics. These items offer heroes a modest boost without causing any major imbalances, introducing a touch of surprise and strategic planning.

Think of these items as little upgrades for heroes, like a dash more health, mana, or even a burst of speed. They also bring along perks like a stronger attack or handy special abilities. While each individual boost may not seem monumental, when heroes accumulate a few of these items, they can significantly impact battles and tactics.

Teams must consider which heroes should venture into the jungle to secure these items, prompting decisions about when to engage in fights and when to focus on their objectives. These Tier 1 neutral items lay the foundation for each match, adding an element of excitement and strategic thinking. They make the early game more immersive, challenging players to maximize the advantages that these items offer. In the end, Tier 1 neutral items substantially influence the course of Dota 2 matches.

  • Color: Grey
  • Drop Mechanics: Between 7:00 – 17:00 minutes (3:30 – 8:30 minutes in Turbo)
  • Drop Chance: 14% drop rate (42% at Ancient Camps)
  • Items: Basic utility and attribute bonuses

Tier 1 Neutral Items Explained:

Exploring And Mastering Tier 1 Neutral Items - Patch 7.34b

Understanding Tier 1 Neutral Items' timings and significance empowers teams to strategize around these early-game treasures. 

Arcane Ring – Mana For All

This item is best suited on lane supports, as it has the same implication as the Arcane Boots, but at a lesser level. 

  • Bonuses: +8 Intelligence and +2 Armor 
  • Ability: Restores the 75 Mana of all nearby allies in a 1200 radius
  • 6 Highest Win Rate Heroes: Witch Doctor, Pudge, Skywrath, Rubick, Shadow Shaman, Jakiro

Broom Handle – Extending Reach

This item is best suited on melee cores that can use this for better last hitting and survivability in lane. 

  • Bonuses: +4 Armor, +8 Attack Damage and +50 Attack Range  
  • Note: Attack range bonus only works for melee Heroes, and stacks with other attack range bonuses
  • Top 6 Highest Win Rate Heroes: Legion Commander, Spirit Breaker, Monkey King, Riki, Earthshaker, Phantom Assassin

Duelist Gloves – En Garde

Duelist Gloves are well suited on Heroes that have good attack damage and excel in harassing enemies.

  • Ability: Grants 20 attack speed if there are enemy Heroes in a 1200 radius
  • Bonuses: +12 Attack Damage
  • Note: This cannot detect Heroes that are invisible or in the Fog of War
  • Top 6 Highest Win Rate Heroes: Nature’s Prophet, Legion Commander, Sniper, Riki, Phantom Assassin, Monkey King

Faded Broach – Moving Smarter

This is great on Heroes that benefit early on from the increased movement speed and have powerful abilities that depend on Mana. 

  • Bonuses: +150 Mana and +15 Movement Speed 
  • Note: This stacks with all other movement speed bonuses
  • Top 6 Highest Win Rate Heroes: Witch Doctor, Lion, Pudge, Shadow Shaman, Crystal Maiden, Spirit Breaker

Fairy's Trinket – Efficient Magic

This item greatly aids early-game heavy-damage spell casters who are very depend on their Mana pool management.

  • Bonuses: +75 Health, +5% Mana Loss Reduction and +5% Spell Damage Amplification. 
  • Note: This stacks and multiplies other sources of mana loss reduction
  • Top 6 Highest Win Rate Heroes: Lion, Witch Doctor, Rubick, Skywrath Mage, Invoker, Jakiro

Lance of Pursuit – Back Poking

This item is perfect for ganker and Heroes that look for kills in the early game.

  • Passive: Attacking from behind slows enemies (16% for melee, 8% for ranged) for 2 seconds and deals +15 bonus damage
  • Bonuses: +200 Mana
  • Note: Debuff does not stack
  • Top 6 Highest Win Rate Heroes: Riki, Windranger, Nature’s Prophet, Lion, Mirana, Witch Doctor

Occult Bracelet – Blood Magic

This item enables Heroes who are expected to take damage to turn it to their advantage, helping them replenish their Mana.

  • Passive: Every attack grants a stack of 0.5 mana regen up to 5 stacks, each lasting 10 seconds
  • Bonuses: +4 Strength, +4 Agility, +4 Intelligence and +5% Magic Resistance
  • Top 6 Highest Win Rate Heroes: Pudge, Invoker, Axe, Witch Doctor, Lion, Undying

Pig Pole – Piggy Power

This item is for Heroes that rely on kick maneuvering to align their abilities or add to their already-impressive mobility kit.

  • Ability: Turns the user into a critter for 4 seconds, giving them +10% movement speed.
  • Bonuses: +5 Strength, +5 Agility and +5 Intelligence
  • Note: Users may not use items or spells and cannot attack for the duration
  • Top 6 Highest Win Rate Heroes: Pudge, Invoker, Lion, Nature’s Prophet, Mirana, Witch Doctor

Seeds of Serenity – Healing Aura

This ability works best for healers, supports and those who roam and need quick health regeneration.

  • Ability: Targets a 400 radius area, granting allies +10 health regeneration when in that area for 14 seconds
  • Bonuses: +150 Health and +4 Health Regeneration
  • Note: Allies exiting area will not continue to heal
  • Top 6 Highest Win Rate Heroes: Io, Pudge, Witch Doctor, Axe, Undying, Lion

Spark of Courage – Adapting Vigor

This is a versatile item for Heroes that play aggressively and love to take engagements early on.

  • Passive: Grants 18 bonus damage when user’s health is above 50%, and 8 armor when it is below 
  • Note: When the user's HP is exactly 50%, it will grant bonus damage
  • Top 6 Highest Win Rate Heroes:Nature’s Prophet, Legion Commander, Huskar, Sniper, Spirit Breaker, Pudge

Trusty Shovel – Lucky Digging

Due to its unpredictability, this item is usually picked up by gankers and supporters.

  • Ability: Allows the user to dig up a Bounty Rune, Healing Salve, Enchanted Mango, or a friendly Kobold 
  • Bonuses: +75 Health
  • Note: The chance for digging up a Bounty rune is 16%, Healing Salve is 28%, Enchanted Mango is 28% and Kobold is 28%. Kobold also has an aura that grants a up to 40 gold per minute bonus
  • Top 6 Highest Win Rate Heroes: Witch Doctor, Lion, Pudge, Shadow Shaman, Jakiro, Mirana

Tumbler’s Toy Tumbling Forward

This is an item for early-game spell casters who benefit from properly positioning their abilities.

  • Ability: Propels the user 300 distance forward 
  • Bonuses: +200 Mana
  • Note: Every time the owner receives damage, the ability is muted for 3 seconds
  • Top 6 Highest Win Rate Heroes: Pudge, Lion, Witch Doctor, Earthshaker, Rubick, Shadow Shaman

As we wrap up our exploration of Tier 1 Neutral Items, we're excited to continue unraveling the mysteries across the tiers. Join us in the upcoming chapters as we journey through Dota 2's neutral item landscape, gaining a deeper understanding of their competitive significance and strategic value.


Exploring And Mastering Tier 1 Neutral Items – Patch 7.34b
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