Exclusivity Ends: Ignite Fan Skin Set for Global Release

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Exclusivity Ends: Ignite Fan Skin Set for Global Release

Riot Games breaks the exclusivity barrier as the Valorant Ignite Fan skin becomes available worldwide delighting players eager to purchase

After initially being exclusive to the Chinese server, the highly anticipated Ignite Fan skin in Valorant is set to be released globally, putting an end to players' frustration over its exclusivity. The news was confirmed by Riot Games, the developers of Valorant, following the recent announcement on their official website and social media platforms.

The Ignite Fan, previously revealed as the third fan-themed skin in the game, garnered significant attention for its unique design and impressive visual effects. However, players outside of China were disappointed to learn that it would remain exclusive to the Chinese server.


Exclusivity Ends: Ignite Fan Skin Set for Global ReleaseCredit: zleague.gg

Recent developments have changed the situation entirely, as Riot Games has announced that the Ignite capsule set, which includes the coveted Ignite Fan skin, will be available worldwide starting from July 14, 2023. The global release is a commemoration of the game's launch in China and aims to bring the fan-themed skin to Valorant players worldwide.

The Ignite capsule bundle not only features the Ignite Fan skin but also includes player cards and a spray, adding extra value for players who acquire the bundle. However, it's worth noting that the bundle and the Ignite Fan skin will be available for a limited time and will not return during the Night Market or daily shop rotations, making it a rare and highly sought-after cosmetic similar to previous exclusive bundles.

Details regarding the pricing of the bundle and the Ignite Fan skin are yet to be revealed. However, the community's response to this announcement has been overwhelmingly positive, indicating that players are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to add this unique skin to their collection.

In a recent gameplay preview, the Ignite Fan skin showcased its distinctive features, with magical flames adorning the fan and providing captivating visual effects during inspection and attack animations. The skin also offers purple and white chroma options, further enhancing its majestic and divine aesthetics.

The decision to release the Ignite Fan skin globally is a significant move by Riot Games to address players' concerns regarding exclusivity and to ensure a more diverse and inclusive experience for Valorant enthusiasts worldwide.

As players eagerly await the global release of the Ignite Fan skin, this development marks an exciting milestone in Valorant's cosmetic offerings, promising more options and variety for fans of the game.

Exclusivity Ends: Ignite Fan Skin Set for Global Release
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