Evo Shields to Become Permanent Addition to Apex Legends

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Evo Shields to Become Permanent Addition to Apex Legends

The Evo Shield will become a permanent feature of Apex Legends.

Respawn Entertainment has announced that the Evo Shield will become a permanent addition to Apex Legends. The once limited item in the System Override event will now be accessible in all playlists.

The Evo Shield is the type of shield which grows stronger the more damage you do. For every 100 points or so of damage, the shield gains an extra bar of health. The shield forces the player to engage in combat if they want to reap the scaling benefits of the item. The Evo shield progression works as follows:

0 Damage – 25 Shield,

100 Damage – 50 Shield,

300 Damage – 100 Shield,

500 Damage – 125 Shield.

But, Evo Shields are a super high-risk high reward. The item can grow very powerful in the late game but sets the player back in the early game. It’s much better to straight-up pick white armor over an Evo Shield.  Players also naturally use more shield recharges replenishing the Evo Shield. Although, if a player can handle the pressure of an Evo Shield then it will be good for them.

Respawn initially intended for the Evo Shield to be a trail piece of gear. Players could send their feedback on the item and Respawn took it into account. The developers feel the Evo Shield has worth to enter the rest of the Apex Legends playlists.

The addition of the item will affect decision making for ranked players soon. It will also be interesting to see how the item enters the competitive esport meta. An item like this may favor the more aggressive teams. The more safe squad may give it a miss for the tried and tested. Also, this item may now compete with regular shield spawns. How this affects drop zones is unknown. But for the more curious among us, this may be an exciting change for Apex Legends.

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