Evil Geniuse Sign Former Heroic and Sprout IGL refrezh

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Evil Geniuse Sign Former Heroic and Sprout IGL refrezh

Former Sprout and Heroic player Ismail “refrezh” Ali is switching to North America

Evil Geniuses has announced the signing of refrezh after several rumors of him switching to the North American team. Known as ‘The Dane,’ refrezh is a former Sprout player who got benched in February this year. He will replace Jadan “⁠HexT⁠” Postma in EG’s roster and is expected to bring improvements to the struggling roster.

It has been a tough year for Evil Geniuses as the team faced disappointing losses in ESL Pro League Season 17 and BLAST Premier Spring Groups, placing last in both events. Even though they failed to qualify for the BLAST.tv Paris Major Americas RMR, Evil Genuises joined as a replacement team and landed on the 11th spot as the event concluded. 

The Dane will bring a ton of experience and skill to the team as a former Heroic player and the winner of ESL Pro League Season 13. In Sprout, refrezh was in charge of the IGL role, which he stepped down from as he admitted the role was challenging for him. This stepping down from the IGL role eventually led to the departure of refrezh from the German team, and Rasmus “⁠Zyphon⁠” Nordfoss replaced him in February. 

Evil Geniuses New Roster

With this signing, this will be the new roster for the North American squad:

  • Ismail “⁠refrezh⁠” Ali
  • Timothy “⁠autimatic⁠” Ta
  • Jerric “⁠wiz⁠” Jiang
  • Vincent “⁠Brehze⁠” Cayonte
  • Sanzhar “⁠neaLaN⁠” Iskhakov
  • Daniel “⁠Vorborg⁠” Vorborg (coach)

We will see ⁠refrezh⁠ play soon with the Evil Geniuses’ jersey at IEM Dallas 2023, which will be starting on May 29. 

Evil Geniuse Sign Former Heroic and Sprout IGL refrezh
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