Evil Geniuses Replaces BcJ with Demon1 for VCT Americas

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Evil Geniuses Replaces BcJ with Demon1 for VCT Americas

The Controller player for Evil Geniuses will be taking a break as Max “Demon1” Mazanov takes his spot

In a barely intelligible Twitter announcement, Evil Geniuses has stated that Demon1 will be replacing Brendan “BcJ” Jensen for the future matches of the roster in VCT Americas. 

BcJ replied to this announcement with a hilarious Tweet of his own as the Controller player for the team will be taking a break until further notice.

Demon1 joined EG in January 2023 and had his debut match last week against 100 Thieves, entering the team as their 6th man and replacing BcJ. The Jett player appeared on Icebox, the second map of the series, and showcased a decent performance as Alexander “jawgemo” Mor, the Duelist for EG, took on a Controller role.

After this change, we might see jawgemo entirely switch to Controller agents, especially Harbor, while Demon1 makes space for the team as their primary duelist. 

Evil Geniuses BcJ at the VCT 2023 LOCK//IN Sao Paulo

Credit: Riot Games

Evil Geniuses has been struggling in the first two weeks of the 2023 VCT Americas league, not winning a single map against two of their fellow North American squads. With this new change, the team will be facing the Chilean KRÜ Esports tomorrow in hopes of getting their first win at the event!

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Evil Geniuses Replaces BcJ with Demon1 for VCT Americas
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