Evil Geniuses Is No Longer a Part of Counter-Strike

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Evil Geniuses Is No Longer a Part of Counter-Strike

Evil Geniuses is no longer a part of Counter-Strike. This is an end to an era, so let’s see what happened and what’s next.

The professional Counter-Strike scene has a lot of big names that have been around for many years. Evil Geniuses was among them, but the organization has officially stated it exists Counter-Strike. This puts an end to the team’s second attempt to be a part of the most competitive eSport after acquiring the NRG roster in 2019. Before that, Evil Geniuses parted ways with the game in 2012.

Once the organization took control of NRG Espors’s roster, it quickly became one of the best organizations in the world. The North American powerhouse dominated in a lot of tournaments and won various events, including the BLAST Premier Spring2020 American Finals. Sadly, the last couple of months were really hard for Evil Geniuses, so the team decided to create a professional counter-strike scene.

Evil Geniuses’s decision

In the organization’s official announcement on Twitter, Evil Geniuses thanked its Coutner-Strike team members (both male and female), as well as all of the couches. A lot of people were shocked by this decision, but people who have been following Evil Geniuses in the last couple of years are probably not surprised.

The problems for the EG CS roster began in 2021, when the team did not achieve any good results. After making several roster changes, Evil Geniuses was unable to bounce back and join the Counter-Strike elite.

2023 was also a disastrous year for EG because the team only won one series in the entire year. On top of that, there are tons of allegations regarding the organization’s poor working conditions and the fact that it does not know how to manage its teams. In fact, the CEO of Evil Geniuses (Nicole LaPointe Jamerson even stepped down).

In other words, due to a combination of lack of results, bad management, and economic problems, the organization struggled to keep up and decided it was time to exit the scene. It will be very interesting to see what will happen with EG’s Valorant team because there are rumors that it will also go down. With that said, the organization recently won the World Championship.

What’s next for Evil Geniuses?

Evil Geniuses Is No Longer a Part of Counter-Strike

Considering that Evil Geniusex exists in Counter-Strike, the organization’s slot at BLAST Premier went to Cloud9. Furthermore, the organization is no longer in a partnership with ESL and it it is also not a part of the LCS for League of Legends.

Fans really hope that Evil Geniuses will be able to get back on its feet once again, but this is unlikely to happen in 2024. Timothy “autimatic” Ta and Colby “Walco” Walsh were the last two members to leave the squad.

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