Ethan Speaks on EG’s Backup Plan without Demon1

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Ethan Speaks on EG’s Backup Plan without Demon1

ESTNN asked Ethan “Ethan” Arnold from Evil Geniuses about the team’s backup plan amidst Max “Demon1” Mazanov's visa confusion

Even before reaching the VCT Americas Playoffs, the star rookie player of Evil Geniuses revealed that he would be unable to attend Masters Tokyo if the team qualifies. Demon1 described him not being in the starting roster early enough as the reason behind this decision. 

It was only a few days ago when Demon1 surprised everyone by announcing that he would be playing for the squad at Masters Tokyo. 

Ethan told Elisabeth Marchini from theScore esports that the team confirmed Demon1’s attendance at the event only two days before flying out. 

Answering our question on what their plans were with the possibility of Demon1 missing the tournament, Ethan said the team practiced with their substitute player Jeffrey “Reformed” Lu for only
“1 or 2 days” in case of such events. 

Ethan "Ethan" Arnold of Evil Geniuses

Credit: Riot Games

Ethan didn’t mention anything about Brendan “BcJ” Jensen’s return if Demon1 could not play.

Demon1 has had one of the biggest impacts on Evil Geunieses’ recent success, helping the team at its lowest in the Regular Season of the Americas League and eventually getting a ticket to the Masters by defeating teams like NRG and Cloud9. He will be one of the best Jett players to look out for at this event.

Ethan Speaks on EG’s Backup Plan without Demon1
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