ESL Pro League Requests Proposals For New Member Organization

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ESL Pro League Requests Proposals For New Member Organization

ESL Pro League announces an RFP process in finding its newest member.

Alex Inglot, the commissioner of ESL Pro League, revealed a Request for Proposals (RFP) action to assist in picking its new member. This announcement was made today, March 11, and is meant to determine the team or organization that will become ESL Pro’s newest partner.

Inglot, who was recently named commissioner back in September of last year, speaks highly of the league’s capacity to pivot with any challenges it is faced with. He said this based on the ESL Pro League’s response to the pandemic last year. And how online competitions have continued to allow for minimum revenue targets to be surpassed.

The 13th season of the ESL Pro League has just begun. Like many other esports events, this year’s tournament is also being played completely online. Due to COVID-19, the cancellation of playoffs being held on location in Malta, was required by the league. Travel restrictions in place throughout Europe in response to the pandemic continue to affect the ability to have in-person tournaments.

A new competitor needed

With the departure of 100 Thieves from Counter-Strike last fall came an opening with the Louvre Agreement group starting in Season 14 of the league. There are meant to be 13 total teams who are a part of the Louvre Agreement with ESL. These partners have access to various privileges through the lague. Some of the privileges include direct invites to each ESL season and reserved positions with the ESL Pro Tour tournaments. In addition, member teams are all major stakeholders and are part of their revenue sharing.

The ESL Pro League launched back in 2015 to allow for the best teams to compete in CS:GO. ESL has set up a specific landing page on their website for the RFP, where teams who are interested can learn more about this opportunity. The application process and form is also detailed on their site. Once submitted, more information will be provided to teams. ESL is evaluating each team that submits a proposal based on competitive performance, brand vision, team values, market reach, engagement levels, personnel, infrastructure, ownership and financials.

Full details regarding the exact timeline of the decision-making process have not been disclosed. But you can check back on ESL’s RFP page as they continue to update us.

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