ESL One Stockholm 2022 – LB Final and Grand Final

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ESL One Stockholm 2022 – LB Final and Grand Final

Sadly, the ESL One Stockholm 2022 Major has come to an end. After more than ten days of epic series and loads of unexpected results, we finally know the name of the winner. OG won one of the most important events in this DPC because of the number of DPC points it gives.

Speaking of the winners, many people are probably interested in learning more about what happened during the last day of the epic event. Today, we had the chance to watch ESL One Stockholm’s LB Final, as well as the Grand Finals. Unsurprisingly, the two matches were full of action, which is why they deserve more attention.


The Lower Bracker Final – OG vs Tundra Esports

The last match of the day was the Lower Bracket final, and it allowed us to watch the clash between two of the best in Europe. OG and Tundra Esports made it until this stage of the event after defeating almost everyone. 

Judging from both teams’ latest results, Tundra Esports was the favorite. However, the young and motivated OG didn’t let their opponents shine and won the match.

Game 1

In the first game of the two series, Tundra Esports decided to use the amazing Lich and Juggernaut combo. Although it wasn’t that popular in the current meta, many teams started using it and it seems like it is great.

The fact that OG had to face one of the deadliest combos right now forced them to get some of their best heroes. Consequently, the EU powerhouse got heroes like Puck for Bozhidar “bzm” Bogdanov and Razor for their offlaner.

We didn’t expect the two teams to play aggressively from early on, but we got to see a lot of kills. Tundra used their Q/W Invoker’s potential and secured numerous kills in the laning stage. Unsurprisingly, OG’s Razor and Windranger offlane also did everything to prevent Tundra’s safe lane from farming.

Following the laning stage, OG took complete control of the game once Artem “Yuragi” Golubiev and his MK got a few items. The two times TI-winning club had a massive 10k lead just 25 minutes after the start. Unsurprisingly, the team won game one just a few minutes later.

Game 2

Following OG’s impressive victory, Tundra picked some of the heroes they are known for. That’s why we got to see heroes like Troll, Pugna, and Hood.

Even though Tundra Esports played better than in game one, the team was unable to overcome OG’s draft. While it is true that the young squad’s lead was not as impressive as in the game when the mid-game arrived.

After failing to utilize their smoke, OG got a sneaky kill on Roshan and won two decisive fights. Although the two teams were pretty even, OG suddenly got a massive 10k net worth lead just 30 minutes in. BZM and ATF were just fantastic in this second game and helped their team reach the Grand Final.

OG vs TSM – Grand Final

After all the amazing matches, it was finally time to watch the Grand Final of ESL One Stockholm 2022. The two teams that had to go up against each other were TSM and OG. The latter were forced to fight for their survival in the Lower Bracket after losing to the current opponents. TSM, on the other hand, was almost flawless in every series and wanted to win NA’s first Major title in a while.

Game 1

In the first game of this epic series, TSM tried everything they could to prevent BZM from using his best heroes. Even though they’ve banned a lot of his go-to options, the talented Bulgarian mid laner and his Lina were impressive.

TSM relied on their classic DP/SK draft that allowed them to push and take teamfights. They didn’t want to give their opponents Enigma, so the NA squad picked it for David “MoonMeander” Tan Boon Yang.

Although the first few minutes were okay for OG, TSM’s draft allowed them to be stronger in the teamfights. The North American team’s Wraith King was slowly becoming unstoppable, and OG had now of killing him.

As expected, TSM used their team fight potential and constantly forced their teammates to fight. After 32 minutes of play, the team took down to lanes of rax and secured itself the first victory in this final.

Game 2

The NA powerhouse did not allow OG to do anything in the first game of the series. However, the second game was not that easy for them because the laning stage was not in their favor.

TSM’s cooldown-reliant pick was not strong against OG’s Storm Spirit, MK, and NS combo. As expected, these heroes used their mobility to their advantage and got multiple kills during the laning stage and after that. TSM tried everything to bounce back, but OG always responded with full force. The team accumulated an impressive 10k net worth lead + an Aegis just 23 minutes in.

Game 3

After equalizing the series, OG also won game three. However, winning this map was not as easy as winning the previous one because TSM got NS, MK, and SK. Thanks to Invoker and TA, OG was neck and neck with their opponents. With that being said, things changed during the 40th minute of the game when OG decided to use a 5-man smoke. This led to a massive team fight that lasted for more than a minute.

After tons of buybacks and epic plays from BZM’s Invoker, the two times TI winning squad secured the victory and the lead in this series.

Game 4

With just one game away from winning the first Major of 2022, OG looked highly motivated. The young squad has proven that they have what it takes to be the champions, and they definitely wanted to show their prowess.

Despite TSM’s strong draft, the European powerhouse was almost flawless. The team had a fantastic laning stage that allowed them to get loads of kills. Slowly but steadily, OG’s advantage increased to around 5k after 17 minutes of action.

Since TSM could not win a team fight, the NA team decided to try to delay the game until their SK came online. The bad news is that things didn’t go as planned. OG continued to dominate and secluded kills left and right. At one point, OG had 30 kills, whereas their opponents only killed three heroes.

TSM tried a 5-man smoke around the 33rd minute of the game, but they’ve failed. After losing all of their heroes, the NA squad decided to use the GG call because it had no hopes of recovering.


OG definitely deserved the victory because the team played extremely well throughout the event. Speaking of events, we’ve learned that TI 11 will take place in Singapore this year. According to the official announcement, this event will take place in October 2022. 

We are yet to learn more about this event, so make sure to follow us on our social media.

ESL One Stockholm 2022 – LB Final and Grand Final
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