Dota 2: ESL One Mumbai 2019 – Overview

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Dota 2: ESL One Mumbai 2019 – Overview

ESL One Mumbai is the second ESL event for 2019. Despite the fact that the tournament is outside the DPC, it still features an amazing $300,000 prize pool. However, due to overlapping issues with other events, there have been some changes here. ESL One Mumbai starts this week (April 16), and we've got everything you need to know about the format and the teams competing.


The original idea was to have a total of twelve teams compete at ESL One Mumbai. Seven of them were directly invited while the squads had to fight through the regional qualifiers to make it to the event. Besides the usual regions, India had its own qualifier and its own representative. However, after all the hassle regarding the teams dropping out of the event, there are only eight teams left.

There will be two GSL groups consisting of four teams each. The top two teams will advance to the Upper bracket of the playoffs while the bottom two advance to the Lower Bracket.

The playoffs will take place from April 19-21 in the NSCI Dome in Mumbai and will be played in front of a live audience. All games will be a Bo3 series, while the Grand Final will be a Bo5.


Group A

Natus Vincere

Na`Vi is one of the few directly invited teams that decided to stay. Their season so far is definitely not what they expected. Ever since Dendi left the team, the Ukranian powerhouse has been unable to find the right path to success. Hopefully, they will be able to do it in India.


TNC Predator

Definitely one of the biggest favorites here. Their season so far seems to be decent, despite not winning any large tournaments. They were able to secure a slot for both the Kuala Lumpur and the Chongqing Major, even after all the troubles they had to go through due to Kuku’s ban.


compLexity Gaming

Similar to Na’Vi, the North American team is struggling mightily during this DPC season. In fact, they only managed to qualify for the DreamLeague Minor. At this point time, they have pretty much no chance to qualify for TI 9. This means that they can focus more on gaining as much practice as possible and prepare themselves for the next DPC season.


Team Team

EternalEnvy and his teammates got invited to ESL One Mumbai after the other five teams decided to drop out. They have shown some signs of improvement recently, which definitely makes them one of the most interesting teams to follow at this tournament.

Group B

Keen Gaming

KG is undeniably one of the biggest favorites to win this event. They have slowly but steadily become a force to be reckoned with, even among the top teams in the world.



Even though their strongest days are long gone, Mineski still remains one of the top teams in SEA. They are pretty unpredictable, which makes them one of the most exciting teams to watch.


The Pango

Iceberg and his team-mates have proven that they have what it takes to bring down even the best names in Dota 2. The big question is if they would be able to unleash their full potential in India.



Signify is the Indian representative. Judging by their results in various tier two and three events, they should be able to cope with the others.


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Dota 2: ESL One Mumbai 2019 – Overview
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