ESL Impact Season 5 15 Invited Teams & Open Qualifier Dates

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ESL Impact Season 5 15 Invited Teams & Open Qualifier Dates

Beginning on March 6, the 28 best all-women CS2 teams will start competing in ESL Impact Season 5, and we now know this Season's 15 invited teams. 

ESL Impact Season 5 Invited Teams:


  • 1WIN Gang
  • ex 9Pandas Fearless9
  • GamerLegion Prism
  • NAVI Javelins
  • Nigma Galaxy
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas

North America:

  • FlyQuest Red
  • Shimmer
  • Team Karma
  • Tsunami Sirens

South America

  • Divina
  • Fluxo Demons
  • Atrix Esports

The two standout teams from the 15 invited teams are Nigma Galaxy Female and NAVI Javelins. Nigma Galaxy Female are the undisputed ESL Impact Champions, with 1st place finishes at every ESL Impact League Season Global Final so far. Getting their start in 2020, they've been dominant since 2021 and haven't slowed down.  

Not far behind Nigma Galaxy Female is the NAVI Javelins. Runner-up for both ESL Impact League Season 3 and 4 Finals, the NAVI Javelins have displayed incredible consistency since joining the scene in 2022. They haven't been able to defeat Nigma Galaxy Female many times and never on a main stage, but Season 5 may be the Season they finally dethrone Nigma Galaxy Female. 

ESL Impact Season 5 Open Qualifier Dates

With 13 ESL Impact Season 5 spots still up for grabs, you know what that means: Open Qualifiers. 

The first round of Open Qualifiers begins on February 12 and runs through February 14. The second round of Open Qualifiers starts on February 16 and runs through February 18. One final Wildcard Qualifier will take place March 9 through March 11. 

With monthly Cash Cups and two online league seasons slated for ESL Impact 2024, there will be a lot of ESL Impact action this year. ESL Impact Season 5 will begin on March 6 and last through April 21. The eight best teams will compete in the $150,000 Season 5 Global Finals at DreamHack Dallas May 31-June 2. 

ESL Impact Season 5 15 Invited Teams & Open Qualifier Dates
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