Escape from TarkovTV November 2023 – Everything you Missed

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Escape from TarkovTV November 2023 – Everything you Missed

The TarkovTV November 2023 stream just wrapped and we got some info on what's next for the New Year's update of Escape from Tarkov.

With a new wipe upon us and a spooky season in the rearview mirror, BattleState Games has once again blessed up with an episode of TarkovTV. Not only did they show off the new Map, new guns, and the highly anticipated vaulting feature we also learned what the next year of Escape from Tarkov has in store for us.

But let's start with the codes.

TarkovTV November 2023

TarkovTV Codes

TarkovTV Code 2: IAMMIGHTY

Tarkov Arena Release Date Early Access

According to Nikita, the much-anticipated PvP-focused Tarkov Arena is planned to be released in early December of 2023. Please note that this is for the closed Early Access period with a full launch for all EoD Edition owners sometime in 2024.

This comes after over a year since its initial announcement. For those who worry that arena will eat up precious development time, don't. Tarkov Arena is developed by a separate team. For more on Tarkov Arena, check out our preview of the upcoming mode here.

On the Edge of Darkness Edition

The popular Edge of Darkness Edition will also vanish from the store around the new year. Which is also when we'll probably see the next wipe roll around.

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New Map: Ground Zero

Ground Zero is the new map coming to Escape from Tarkov with the New Year patch. The map is not the promised expansion of Streets of Tarov but a completely separate map. It is planned to be the starting area and limited to players up to level 10 or 15.


And finally, vaulting will be added to the game. You'll no longer have to time your jumps over knee-high obstacles to clear them and you can finally vault over bigger walls and obstacles with little to no effort.

Reworked Armor System

With the next wipe, the game will implement a realistic armor system that will have you change and repair armor plates and learn the area's different vests and armor covers for a critical hit.

There will also be several different shapes of armor plates for all areas and it seems like they'll also be different types for different kinds of ammunition.

Recoil Rework

As previously announced, a full from the ground up rework of the Recoil system is also in the works. The update will be implemented with the December patch and the team will keep a close eye on player feedback as the patch goes on.

Left Shoulder Transition and Blindfire

With the big December update, you'll also be able to position your weapon on your left shoulder to get better angles when entering buildings or clearing corners. In addition to that, we'll also get to see reworked Blindfire animations which look less janky and won't be caught in the geometry that much.

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Achievements and Player Profile

And finally, after 7 long years, achievements are coming to Escape from Tarkov. These can be viewed on a player profile and won't reset after wipes. There'll also be several achievements exclusive to special events and tournaments.

Player Profiles lets you show off your progress to other players and even display your favorite weapons and their setups. Assuming you'll also be able to copy the loadout to build them yourself.

New Guns and Gear

And as always, new guns will be added to Escape from Tarkov with the December patch. The first of which is the 9A-91/VSK-94 a small submachine gun for close encounters. (please note that the video is using the old recoil system)

The RPD is a big machine gun that uses a drum magazine. Great for suppressing fire in open areas.

Other Updates

There'll also be some smaller updates here and there such as new gear and ammunition types, adjustments to quests, and balancing to all the numbers. An option to load the map Streets of Tarkov with low-rez textures, the long-awaited update to the Shorelines map, and several more little changes that will be listed in the patch notes.

And sums up everything you need to know from the TarkovTV. For more on Escape from Tarkov check out our summary of the last Tarkov Halloween event here and for more in esports and gaming visit us here on ESTNN

Escape from TarkovTV November 2023 – Everything you Missed
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