Escape from Tarkov Halloween 2023

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Escape from Tarkov Halloween 2023

The Escape from Tarkov Halloween 2023 Event is hear. Get ready to get Tarkov'ed spooky style.

It is here, the Escape from Tarkov spooky season is upon us and it is worse than ever. This time around BSG blesses us with even more scary cultists coming for that sweet loot in your pockets and other very scary things.

We've compiled everything we could find on the new update and keep you posted on the event.

Escape from Tarkov Halloween 2023

It all started with this video posted on the BSG YouTube video. Here we can see your average Chad roaming through the woods without a care in the world until he runs into that spooky ritual you can find close to the lumber mill.

The cultists seem to evoke some kind of ritual which has our geared to the teeth friend's eyes light up until he is, presumedly, killed by an off-screen cultist he couldn't hear. There might be more to this but so far we only have confirmation for a few things.

Halloween 2023 Event

You can find Pumpkins filled with candy all across the Tarkov region if you're hurting for a snack or something to put in your stash. You'll also be able to find Jack'o'lantern helmets because they are damn spooky and will scare some poor rat and ruin their day.

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Our best friend Tagilla has gotten into the festive mood and brought a scythe with him to Labs. So if you're planning to cash in those keycards, be careful. You never know when he'll charge at you and if or when his brother might pop up. And last but not least AI scavs now have a chance to drop DSF flares which are crucial if you want to make it out alive.

on top of that, the cultists have been sighted performing rituals across some of the maps. The boss Zyrachi pops up on every hunting player who hasn't activated a DSF flare.

Careful you can't kill Zyrachi by normal means as his presence will make most guns jam. If you want to get back at him, you need to use your melee weapon.

It is currently unknown how the ritual functions only that it takes place between 17:00 and 05:00 and can be identified by the bright light beam. We'll update this article once we'll find a solution.

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Escape from Tarkov Halloween 2023
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