Escape from Tarkov Patch Notes

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Escape from Tarkov Patch Notes

Escape from Tarkov Patch Notes reveal a list of changes coming to the game, adjust the head colliders and fix several issues that have been plaguing the game since long.

Battlestate Games earlier rolled back the same patch, as it was met with a lot of criticism and caused a lot of issues for the players of this game. The developers now promise that many of the changes have been fixed in this patch, as the earlier version was met with faulty and strange weapon recoil changes'.

The game has also introduced microtransactions for the first time ever with players being able to purchase the ‘Offline Raids' feature for 10$. Offline Raids used to exist earlier in Tarkov by purchasing special edition of the game, but the developes at Battlestate removed it from the store, and now introduced it as a microtransaction to purchase from within the game itself.

The sound positioning system on the newly introduced map Ground Zero, and Streets of Tarkov have been updated. All of the major issues after the wipe led to massive player outrage online, as players were forced to start their progress with a bug-ridden patch. The outrage caused Battlestate Games to roll back the patch. The devs wipe out player progress every 6 months, or so.

All the player inventories, reputation with traders, and all sorts of progression related to an account are wiped out, and fans are forced to start from scratch. After erasing all their progress, all the players are reset back, giving new playefs a chance to hop in as the devs “level the playing field.”

The patches that wipe out the progress slate clean every 6 months are filled with new content. Battlestate Games have also launched a new spin off thats shares the same name, titled Escape from Tarkov Arena. Although the Arena isn't as popular as the original Tarkov, it is still a lot of fun to team up with players. The head colliders for eyes and ears have also been changed, while the game fixes an issue with the blunt damage missing hits upon hitting a ballistic plate.

Escape from Tarkov Patch Notes

  • Reworked the damage through layers of armor: now when each layer is penetrated, the bullet loses some penetration power and damage depending on the characteristics of the penetrated armor
  • Fixed an issue with missing blunt damage when hitting a ballistic plate
  • Blunt damage now decreases when there is soft armor behind the unpenetrated component
  • Adjusted the head colliders (eyes, ears)
  • Removed the possibility for bullets to pierce through a character's thorax and stomach
  • Added the “fits existing” text to the ballistic plate inspector to display which armors the plate fits to
  • Added the ability to fit Granit Br4 and Br5 plates into WARTECH TV-110 and TV-115 plate carriers
  • Added side ballistic plate slots for the S&S Precision PlateFrame (Goons Edition) plate carrier
  • Added contact shadows for the BTR and updated visual effects of BTR machine gun fire
  • Adjusted the random container spawn settings to reduce the chance of spawning an empty container
  • Added the tenths of percentage display when viewing the total number of players who have completed an achievement
  • Adjusted the sound positioning system on Ground Zero and Streets of Tarkov


The game servers will be down for 4 hours starting from 11 pm PT and Escape from Tarkov won’t be accessible during this specific period of time. However, it might also take a little bit longer than that, according to information from the developers.

The updated has been sucessfully installed as of now and players can enjoy the Patch of Battlestate Games popular title. The file size of this update won’t be less than massive as its a sizable update that proceeds to fix all the bugs and issues while rolling out some new content in the meanwhile.

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