Escape from Tarkov Best Guns – Budget Edition

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Escape from Tarkov Best Guns – Budget Edition

Looking for Escape from Tarkov Best Guns? Don't worry. We got it all figured out in our budget guide.

We're back in Escape from Tarkov and 0.14 might be the best wipe in a long time. The new reworked recoil system and movement changed things up across the board and leveled the playing field quite a bit. Now you no longer need to invest tens of thousands to build a socially acceptable gun. Ammo is also no longer the be-all and end-all and for the first time, everything feels viable.

So we've compiled a list with all the good, even best guns to shoot on a low budget. This will help you to decide which gun to bring for which job and what you need to look out for in a lead dispenser.

Escape from Tarkov Best Guns (On a Budget)

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Whatever you found on your Scav Run

I know what you're thinking now. “Yea right, I'm gonna shoot that half-sized Mosin? You're crazy!” And you'd be correct in that assessment. But a free gun is a free gun and we're playing economically responsible. Sometimes it's worth doing a Scav run and exiting just for the kit they're carrying with them, those Saiga-12s aren't cheap and pretty useful when shot at point-blank range.

Trust me, it's for the good of your bank account.


The PP-9 is the definition of small but deadly. Sure it's not very threatening in the later goings of the wipe when everyone is running around with tank plates strapped to their chests, but early on? It's pretty good. It's cheap, the rate of fire is high and ammunition will shred through most unsuspecting PMCs and Scavs alike. So pick this one if you want your gun to go BRRR and your victims to keel over.

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Using this gun on a map such as woods and shoreline is just asking for trouble. Don't do that unless you have a backup that's effective at range.

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Mosins, all of them

We here at ESTNN love us a good Mosin. The Swiss army knife of guns in Escape from Tarkov, well if you like your knife as a single action bolt rifle that is. Mostly used on the mid to far ranges, this thing is a monster on Customs, Woods, Shoreline, and any other map long distances to clear. Ammunition is also pretty easy to come by and you don't even need a magazine if plan to snipe.

We do however recommend bringing a sidearm. Something compact and fast you can switch to in the heat of the moment. Handguns are in a good spot now, so use those for those nasty close-quarters encoders.

AKS-74U Or any other rusty AK you can get your fingers on

There's a reason why the AK is still employed around the world. As a wise man once said, you can throw it into the dirt, run a car over it and it'll still shoot it without any problem. And while they used to be kinda crappy, especially the cheaper ones the new recoil system changes that. Suddenly the AKS and many of its variants are now viable, cheap Chad melters you just need to feed ammo into.

For the first week, I've mostly run these with a cheap scope duct taped to the top and the results speak for themselves. I might still die in fights that I should not be taken on but Factory isn't as scary as it used to be.

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MP-133, MTs-255-12, and the MP-43 if you're feeling really cheap

Shotguns are great and the cheap ones you can buy Jaeger are even better. Nothing pleases me more than shredding someone at close quarters to bits while using one of these. You just need to pick your poison, either the MTs-255 with its 6 shots and slow reload or the MP-133 which you can reload shot for shot.

The MP-43 is cool and all, especially in its new sawed-off form but I'm not brave enough to to bet it all on a dual barrel. But anyone who has a more stable aim is welcome to use it.

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Image: Battlestate Games

Handguns, all of them really

I mentioned it above but Handguns are really good in this patch. Most of the smaller guns such as the MP5 are extremely good right now and you should make use of them. Handguns are cheap, the ammo is inexpensive and they are great if you just want to run in, complete a couple of tasks and get out.

You need to be comfortable landing those headshots at point-blank range, so you might want to employ a more sneaky playstyle. But you can also try to channel your inner John Wick and go commando on everyone if you're comfortable with clicking heads. There's even an achievement for it this time around.

And that's all you need to know about the best budget guns in Escape from Tarkov. Now go out there and be somebody. But before you head out, check out our Interview with lead developer Nikita about the future of EFT and our guides to the new Map and the new quests. For more on Tarkov, stay tuned because we have much more on the new patch coming soon.

Escape from Tarkov Best Guns – Budget Edition
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