Escape from Tarkov Quest – A Beginners Guide

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Escape from Tarkov Quest – A Beginners Guide

Here is a quick Escape from Tarkov Quest Guide to get you started on the first few tasks in the game.

With the new wipe and the 0.14 update, Tarkov is in the best shape it has been in years. That naturally means people are flooding back into the region to experience the new start or some are making their first steps into the dangerous warzone around the the city of Tarkov.

To get you started and to give you a general idea of what you're doing, we have a quick guide on Tasks or Quests as the community calls them. Here you learn why they are so important and we'll tell you how to solve the first few to get you started.

Escape from Tarkov Quest Explained

You can look at quests in Escape from Tarkov in two ways, they are either something to do while mindlessly growing a stash of riches or your fast pass to success. Generally, they exist to give you a sense of direction and something to do.

They are a great way to earn some cash, raise your reputation with the various traders in Tarkov, and most importantly help you gain EXP. This will set you on a fast track to level 15 which will give you access to the player-run Flea Market.

Early quests are incredibly tough though as they force a lot of players into the same points of interest, often leading to firefights. Your best bet is to complete tasks with others, be it friends you promise a bit of ammo for their trouble or fellow souls on the official EFT Discord. Trust me, questing alone is a miserable experience.

Escape from Tarkov Initial Quests

There are some changes here compared to earlier patches. As of 0.14, you start on Ground Zero before heading into already established quests.

First in Line Guide

First In Line is a relatively simple quest you get from a Therapist. She wants you to head into Ground Zero find 3 medical items and find the Emercom Station. Medical items can be found pretty much anywhere on the map, but your best bet is picking them off Scav's or hitting up the Emercom Station next to the Skyside building near the extract. Here you can also finish up the second part of the quest.

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The items need found in raid status to count but can be picked up as a Scav, Emercom Station needs to be visited on a PMC but should be relatively easy to hit up.

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Burning Rubber Guide

You get Burning Rubber from Skier and it is a kind of introduction to how car extracts work in Escape from Tarkov. You only have to bring 5.000 Rubles with you and hit up the car at the Police Checkpoint between the Terragroup and Empire building. If the car is already gone by the time you arrive, you'll need to come back in the next raid. It's probably best to just load in and run towards the Police Checkpoint exit.

Saving the Mole Guide

Saving the Mole might be the most involved quest on the map. You need to reach the Terragroup building and head towards the parking lot. In the tunnel connecting to the lobby, you'll find the missing PMCs (loot them if you can). Behind the lobby counter, you'll find a corridor leading to rubble blocking the way, here you'll find the missing scientist.

Loot the scientist for his key head upstairs, and keep it right until you find his office. In the middle of the office, you'll find a computer facing away from the window, here you'll find his hard drive. Now you only need to make it out alive to complete the quest.

Shooting Cans Guide

Shooting Cans asks you to kill at least 5 PMCs or Scavs on the Ground Zero map. This is cumulative and should be doable while doing the rest of the introduction quests. If you're struggling, you can still just camp the Emercom or Nakatani Basement exits for easy pickings. (No shame here.)

The other two tasks ask you to see the guns on the second floor of the Empire Building facing the Terragroup building, and the gun on the second floor of the Capital Insight building facing the street below. Both are simple to find, careful though, standing up will expose your head to everyone on the streets.

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Debut Guide

Now we're back to regular quests. Debut asks you to kill 5 Scavs all over the Tarkov region and hand over two MP-133 12ga shotguns. It's worth getting three of those since you'll need one for Gunsmith Part 1.

Shortage Guide

Shortage by the Therapist is relatively easy if you know where to look. You need to find two Salewa first aid kits in the raid and hand three of them over. So if you find some leading up to the quest, it's worth hanging on to them until it's time for the turn-in.

The best places to look for are medical crates, found in medical tents at the Interchange on Interchange, or the medical tents in Factory.

Image: Battlestate Games

Gunsmith Part 1 Guide

To save yourself some sanity, make sure to only complete this quest after you've completed the Introduction quest. You need to modify an MP-133 with a custom plastic forestock with rails which can be bartered off Mechanic (try to make that trade as soon as his shop resets), an MP-133 plastic pistol grip which can be bought off Jaeger, and an NcStar Tactical blue laser LAM-module which can be bought off Skier.

Introduction Guide

You can accept this quest after you've reached level 2 and already accepted Gunsmith Part 1. You are asked to make contact and unlock the trader Jaeger who gives you access to all kinds of goodies. Head on over to the Woods map and find the crashed plane in the forest east of the Sawmill. From there, head towards the container castle and you find Jaeger's hunting stand.

Pick up the message hidden between the wooden floors and extract it from the map. Careful here, people love to camp this quest objective in the early goings of the wipe for easy pickings.

And sums up all the initial quests for Escape from Tarkov. Completing all of these should set you up for success in the future and give you a good basis to work from. Just keep in mind that completing most quests is a pain unless you're running with a squad. So please forge some uneasy alliances.

For more on EFT, check out our interview with Escape from Tarkov lead developer Nikita, our highlights from the new patch, and our extensive guide on the new Ground Zero map.

Escape from Tarkov Quest – A Beginners Guide
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