Escape from Tarkov Ground Zero Guide

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Escape from Tarkov Ground Zero Guide

Here is everything you need to know about the Escape from Tarkov Ground Zero map.

Patch 0.14 is shaping up to be one of the best patches EFT has ever had. Introducing the new vaulting mechanic which makes you rethink the way you move around the map and huge changes to the early game.

One of the big new additions is a new map, Ground Zero which could be thought of as a smaller version of Streets of Tarkov. The map is both the new starting zone as well tutorial level for new players and in the spirit of Tarkov about as deadly. We have a quick rundown of the map, the hotspots as well, and what you need to look out for.

Escape from Tarkov Ground Zero Guide

Image: Battlestate Games

Ground Zero

Compared to many other maps of EFT, Ground Zero is relatively small. You can easily sprint from one end of the map to the other on one stamina bar alone. That doesn't mean you should underestimate it though. There are 10 to 12 players plus Scavs on a map that is very densely packed with lots of open spaces.

There are 6 buildings, the Terragroup building, the Empire, Nakatani Mall, Skyside, Fusion, and Capital Insight. Each of them features multiple floors, underground parking, and bridges connecting some of them. Around the map, you'll find the leftovers of the initial conflict between BEARS, USEC, and Terragroup in the form of military crates and corpses.

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And there is also a minigun overseeing the streets which can make it extra dicey. The only upside is that thanks to the size of the map, it is pretty easy to keep track of where firefights are happening and how players are moving around. Quests will lead players to focus mostly on the Terragroup building and the medical tent near the Emercom Extract.

Ground Zero Extracts

Escape from Tarkov Ground Zero Extract
Image: Battlestate Games

There are a total of 5 Extracts on Ground Zero, two of them have special requirements and the third is a Scav + PMC coop extract. The other two are relatively easy to use with one of them being very exposed, so be careful.

Scav Checkpoint (Coop)

The Scav Checkpoint is located next to the Terragroup building at the end of the road. To use it, you'll need to team up with a Player Scav of PMC. Try and use voice commands to convince each other to be friendly to each other, even if it's just for a moment.

Police Checkpoint

For 5000 RUB you can use the Police Checkpoint car extract. Up to 4 players can use this extract at the same time, just make sure you have enough money for everyone and be careful, the street doesn't offer a lot of cover.

Image: Battlestate Games

Nakatani Basement

In the basement of the Nakatani building you can find another extraction point. Simply head down the flight of stairs inside the building. Its very linear corridor makes it a prime spot for Exit campers so check your corners.

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Mira Prospect

If you head down the street between the Skyside and Fusion building, you'll eventually find yourself at a crossroad with a big fat warning if you continue down the street. You'll have to use a Green Flare when the notification pops up in the corner of your screen to stop the sniper from firing at you. If you don't do that, you'll die.

Emercom Checkpoint

Last but not least is the Emercom Checkpoint which can be found in the parking lot between the sky side building and the Elemental Global bank next to the medical tent. Standing on the entrance is usually enough to initiate the exfiltration. Be careful though, it is a very open exit with little to no cover.

And that sums up everything you need to know about EFT's new Ground Zero map. For more on Tarkov check out our interview with lead developer Nikita about the future of EFT and the highlights of the new 0.14 Patch.

Escape from Tarkov Ground Zero Guide
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