Escape from Tarkov Hideout Explained

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Escape from Tarkov Hideout Explained

Here is our extensive guide to the Escape from Tarkov Hideout.

The Hideout is the most important asset in Escape from Tarkov. It is your home and base of operations. A place to return to and patch yourself back up at and a money printer if you know what you're doing.

Since many new players are entering Escape from Tarkov for the very first time with the new 0.14 patch, we thought now is the time to compile a guide for everything you need to know about the Hideout and how to make the best out of it.

Escape from Tarkov Hideout Explained

If you're playing Escape from Tarkov, the Hideout is the start and end of all your operations. It is your home, base of operations, and later on, a great way to get your hands on cheap supplies and money. But it's also a significant investment of both time and rubles to get started.

Here is also where you unlock some of the more critical features of the game. Be it being able to repair your equipment without feeding Prapor all your hard-earned cash, increase EXP gains, and the ability to craft weapons, attachments, and equipment.

There is no real priority in which you should get the various stations up and running, but it is worth stockpiling most resources until you're sure you don't need them. Upgrading your Hideout will become easy once you unlock the flea market, just know that the prices for everything will be through the roof at the early goings of a wipe.

Here is also a quick explainer of what the different stations do and which ones you should prioritize.

Air Filtering Unit

Getting these and loading them up with FP-100 filter absorbers will give you a +40 EXP boost to all physical skills. These are Endurance, Health, Immunity, Metabolism, Strength, Stress Resistance and Vitality. A must-have for everyone who wants to rise above and beyond.

Bitcoin Farm

Graphics Cards are high-value items in EFT for a reason, putting them into your Bitcoin Farm will let you farm for Bitcoin which can be sold for hefty sums. The only thing that's a little dodgy about it is that the value of Bitcoin is tied to its real-life value. So you might want to stock up occasionally.

Booze Generator

Ever imagined yourself to be a moonshiner like one of those on TV? Well, now you can let your dreams come true for the low cost of a canister of purified water and two packs of sugar. Which you can later turn into a few bottles of vodka.

Defective Wall

A tricky one, you'll have to spend a few resources to and a bunch of time to break this down. Not cleaning it up on a regular will lead to debuffs to your hideout. Finishing the upgrade tree, however, will let you construct the gym and give you permanent buffs to your hideout.


Powers your Escape from Tarkov Hideout. Important for many of the crafting stations.


This allows you to train up your endurance and strength skills by doing a quick time event. You'll need to rest in between training sessions but it's a good way to beef up.


Essential to allow your PMC to rest in between raids and part of many upgrades.


Shines a light into your hideout, important for subsequent upgrades.

Intelligence Center

Allows you to unlock Scav missions from Fence, boosts reward modifier and cooldowns for Scav-related tasks as well as a reduction of your Flea market commission fees. Oh, and you get your craft Intel-related items and Graphics cards.


Allows you to craft equipment and resources and unlocks the ability to repair your armor.


Once built, you'll gain a 30% boost to Practical skill experience as well as 15% raid experience. A must-have in the later goings of the wipe.


Allows you to heal up in between raids and craft a bunch of medical equipment. Having quick access to injectors and medical kits is critical and good for your wallet.

Nutrition Unit

Allows you to craft all kinds of food items as long as you have the material. This lets you skip what is arguably one of the most annoying parts in the early goings of the game.

Rest Space

Lets you regenerate energy and health in between raids. Together with other stations of this type, you'll be back to health in no time with no additional cost.

Scav Case

Hire Scavs and depending on your investment as well as your reputation with Fence you'll get some goodies. A great way to generate income for the price of one kit, you obtain some really rare things through this.


Elemental to the later upgrades to your Hideout, there are no bonuses attached to this one but that doesn't make it less important.

Shooting Range

Lets you test your firearms and mess around with different configurations. Later on, you even get to change settings on the targets and it gives you a bonus to your Combat skill experience gain.

Solar Power

A great way to offset expensive fuel consumption later on. You get to half your fuel cost once you get this upgrade.


If you have the Edge of Darkness Edition, you don't have to worry about this. Everyone else needs to slowly upgrade their stash to have enough room for all those items. Very Important to anyone who fancies themselves a tradesman.


Another one of those stations that are critical to the progression of your hideout and your hideout only.

Water Collector

Lets you hydrate in between raids and craft purified water at the later stages of its upgrade tree.

Weapon Rack

This one lets you stash functional weapons in increasing capacities. Useful in the later goings of progression when you're starting to pile up weapons in your stash.


Last but not least crucial station in our Tarkov Hideout is the Workbench. Depending on the tier you get to craft everything from magazines and magnets to modified guns, ammunition, and repair kits. A crucial investment from start to finish.

And this is everything you need to know about the EFT Hideout. For more on Escape from Tarkov check out our interview with BSG boss and Tarkov lead developer Nikita here or take a look at our highlights from the 0.14 patch here.

Escape from Tarkov Hideout Explained
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