Escape from Tarkov Arena – Tarkov’s Brutal Competitive Mode

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Escape from Tarkov Arena – Tarkov’s Brutal Competitive Mode

In the most recent Tarkov TV by Battlestate Games, we got more details on Escape from Tarkov Arena. So we thought this was the perfect time to compile all the details.

Having been announced almost a year ago, Escape from Tarkov's Arena move has been shrouded in mystery ever since. There are a few bits of information floating around on the internet but even a release date has been left nebulous.

But don't worry, ESTNN is here to help you cope and get your next Tarkov fix.

Escape from Tarkov Arena

What is Escape from Tarkov Arena?

It's been a while since the announcement was made and info has been sparse ever since. The Arena will be a standalone but also a joint game mode for Battlestate Games' survival shooter Escape from Tarkov.

The mode aims to put an emphasis on PvP on small enclosed maps while still delivering the intense survival mechanics and gunplay from Escape from Tarkov. So just imagine your average factory run just without any scavs and the fear of Tagilla rushing at you with that stupid hammer of his.

It's a standalone experience meant to be part of the more considerable lore of Tarkov while having some light ties to the main game.

While we don't know anything solid, Battlestate Games' has thrown around ideas that could bounce around the two game modes for extra rewards.

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If you worry that this could take away Battlestate Games' focus from the main game, don't worry. A separate team is developing the mode, but you can expect mechanics and items in both titles.

Escape from Tarkov Arena


If you have played any Escape from Tarkov in the past, you know what will await you in the arena. At the same time, shooting and general gameplay will be largely the same as in the main game.

The main caveat is that Arena will focus on small-scale battles in enclosed spaces. Think of it as your average team vs. team death match. And so far we've seen teams duke it out in 3v3 scenarios, but the team has also mentioned that there'll be PvE modes.

The only modes we've seen so far have been your typical deathmatch, Last Stand which seems to be a free for all in the arena. And a tournament where small teams compete against each other, probably over several rounds for victory.

You'll even be able to play your character from the main game, probably even level them to some degree through Arena if you purchase both versions. Nikita also mentioned that there could be special quests that tie into both modes.

As for your load-outs? There'll be several presets you have to buy at the start of a round. You'll also be able to bring your own gear into the arena and even ensure it. But you can apparently also steal gearsets from other players, as long as you make it out alive.

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As for the rubles you spend in the arena, those can also be tied to your main game stash. We don't know exactly how it works, but you seem to be able to invest money, depending on what equipment you want. Money will be transferable, but there'll be some sort of conversion rate.

Escape from Tarkov Arena

When does it come out?

Sadly, we don't know a release date for Arena. The standalone expansion had the occasionally closed beta for some selected players but we don't have an official release window. We don't even have a release window for the game outside of nebulous statements.

But you can preorder it or get it for free if you own Escape from Tarkov: Edge of Darkness, the main game's special edition. You can buy or upgrade to Edge of Darkness here but we recommend waiting for a sale.

That's all we have on the upcoming Escape from Tarkov Arena so far. For more info and the latest in esports, visit us here on ESTNN

Escape from Tarkov Arena – Tarkov’s Brutal Competitive Mode
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