es3tag Standing in for FaZe at BLAST Spring Groups After k0nfig Denied

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es3tag Standing in for FaZe at BLAST Spring Groups After k0nfig Denied

FaZe came up with a solution to their sub problem in the nick of time after BLAST put them in the red zone. 

FaZe Clan have finally managed to find a substitute in Patrick “es3tag” Hansen after their request to replace teammate Håvard “rain” Nygaard with Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke was revoked “overnight” by BLAST ahead of their opening match on Friday. BLAST revealed to that k0nfig’s participation in the tournament as part of FaZe was denied as he was already registered as a sub for Heroic, who were unsure about the timely return of Martin “stavn” Lund. 

The ex-Ninjas in Pyjamas and Cloud9 Dane was recruited in a hurry as FaZe had less than a day to come up with a substitute and few options to choose from. Before his recruitment, FaZe were in a serious fix that was seemingly brought about by a lack of proper communication between the team and the tournament’s organizing body. 

Meanwhile, rain will be unavailable as he has chosen to be next to his partner for the birth of his child. The CS:GO professional will supposedly be just in time to play at Intel Extreme Masters Katowice at the end of the month, as he confirmed to his fans through a Tweet. 

FaZe superstar Russel “Twitstzz” van Dulken Tweeted last night that the team was “Informed for some time now by blast that we could use him, suddenly overnight everything changed.”  This hints that BLAST may have approved of this decision before changing their mind at the last second. BLAST told that they had originally permitted this as FaZe only has four players to face their rivals in the upcoming tournament. 

On Wednesday morning, BLAST released that the decision to reject k0nfig was taken after he was found to be registered as a part of Heroic's roster for the group stages. With BLAST overturning this decision and the tournament very close to starting, FaZe was in an emergency to find a replacement for rain at the eleventh hour, or potentially be forced to forfeit this leg of BLAST’s yearlong competition. 

FaZe had also put in a request for Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer back in December, but the two-time Major winner let his fans know while on stream that he had no idea that he was registered as a substitute for BLAST, and had other plans for the duration of the tournament. 

The organizing body gave free rein to FaZe — who had only four players ready for action — to lock in a substitute who was not registered with another team, and a few hours later, they announced es3tag.  

You can catch FaZe's new roster on January 20, when they go up against American clan Complexity for their first match of the BLAST Premier Spring Groups. 

es3tag Standing in for FaZe at BLAST Spring Groups After k0nfig Denied
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