Equinox Releases Three Players, No Announcement Made by The Organization

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Equinox Releases Three Players, No Announcement Made by The Organization

Equinox drops three players from its Valorant roster with no official announcement from the organization itself.

The post-Challengers Three roster shuffles have started as teams are looking to reload before the next major qualifier for the Valorant Champions Tour. Equinox seems to be the first to make big moves, dropping three of its players overnight.

The three players dropped, Ian “tex” Botsch, Kevin “mina” Nguyen and David “DXN” Nguyen, have announced on Twitter that they are now free agents. But, so far Equinox has not acknowledged its release of said players and has gone radio silent across its social media.


A Short History of Equinox

Equinox is one of the newer esports organizations to join the Valorant competitive scene. The Valorant squad was the organization's first esports team and was Equinox’s springboard into the esports landscape.

The organization entered by signing one of the more talented tier-two amateur rosters at the time, China Nguyen. Before signing with Equinox the team was on a winning streak, taking home the top prize in three of the last four tournaments it attended.

After signing with the new face organization, the team went through some roster changes but remained a top-level team in the North American rankings. But, Equinox did not produce any meaningful results in the months since the team's creation.

The squad failed to qualify for First Strike and has only managed to get into the top 16 during the first leg of the VCT qualifiers. The organization had lofty goals to begin with, but losing out at all three chances for a Masters slot seems to have made those behind the scenes reconsider its team.

Equinox Radio Silence

The silence from the Equinox organization has been deafening as the organization did not announce its roster moves beforehand and has not released a statement over 12 hours after its former players revealed their free-agent status. So far, the only posts from the Equinox Twitter account are about the organization's own content series and reminding people that its Director of Competition would appear on the Dusttin Bowerman Show.

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