Entity vs Shopify Rebellion Preview and Predictions: Dota 2 DreamLeague Season 19

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Entity vs Shopify Rebellion Preview and Predictions: Dota 2 DreamLeague Season 19

Here’s what you must be aware of about the Entity vs Shopify Rebellion DreamLeague Season 19 match.

Entity vs Shopify Rebellion will be one of the matches from Group A of the DreamLeague Season 19 that you should watch. These 2 are among the best teams in their respective regions and will allow fans to watch an epic match. Although one of them looks like the favorite, you can never be sure what will happen. That’s one of the reasons why most Dota 2 betting platforms will allow you to test it.

Entity vs Shopify Rebellion Preview

Prior to the Entity vs Shopify Rebellion match, the Western European team will have to go up against Execration. As for the North American powerhouse, it will have another matchup against a team from WEU, but this time, it’s The Lima Major winners Gaimin Gladiators.


One of the powerhouses in WEU has had some problems lately and has failed to qualify for The Berlin Major 2023. However, the team is always one of the favorites because it has proven itself many times. That’s why the series between it and SR will be very intriguing to watch.

Shopify Rebellion

One oft he best teams in North America is known for being among the from this region that can stand its ground against the WEU powerhouses. Following the fist challenge for this team, Arteezy and the rest will have another match ahead of them, but this time, it’s the Shopify Rebellion vs Entity clash.

Entity vs Shopify Rebellion Predictions

If we must choose the winner from this match, our vote goes to the NA squad. Even though SR rarely wins against its WEU rivals, Entity’s current state is no the best, so RTZ and the rest have the chance to win.

Map Duration

If we have to guess how long each map will last in the Entity vs Shopify Rebellion series, we think it will be around 40 minutes. Nevertheless, the second game might be longer because neither team will want to use it.

Will Abed get a Triple Kill?

Abed Azel “Abed” Yusop behind the screen during a series with Evil Geniuses

Yes, we think that Abed will get a triple kill in this match. Although this prediction may sound weird, you can find a betting market on some of the popular sites.

How many kills will SR have?

If we have to predict the total number of kills that SR will have after this series, we think it will be more than 30. The North American team is famous for securing a lot of kills when it has the lead in a given series. Since we think it will defeat Entity, it should have more kills.

Entity vs Shopify Rebellion – Where to Watch?

This match from DreamLeague Season 19 will take place on April 9 at 18:00 CET, and you can watch the game on Twitch. Those who aren’t fans of live streams can also keep an eye on the game from the Dota 2 platform, as well as the specific gambling site. Some sites have live streaming.

Entity vs Shopify Rebellion Preview and Predictions: Dota 2 DreamLeague Season 19
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