Entity Defeat Monaspa and Nigma Galaxy To Avoid WEU Division II Relegation

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Entity Defeat Monaspa and Nigma Galaxy To Avoid WEU Division II Relegation

The Indian side knocked it out of the park while Monaspa and Nigma Galaxy will join the other relegated teams in Division II

The Dota 2 Pro Circuit (DPC) Western European (WEU) Division I League just wrapped up, with nothing short of a three-way tie-breaker fiasco amid Entity, Monaspa and Nigma Galaxy.



Three way tie breakers in DPC Leagues can be quite unpredictable, s demonstrated by Entity, who suffered through three rounds of it during the previous tour to qualify for the Major. This time, however, they got the job done without having to play a second round of games. Entity sent Monaspa and Nigma Galaxy packing for home and sealed a spot in the WEU Division I League for the 2023 DPC Summer Tour.

Entity overcame a losing streak of 10 games and relegation threat to pick up two crucial victories that ensured their Division 1 survival.

The relegation tiebreakers began with an exciting match between Nigma Galaxy and Monaspa that lasted 81 minutes. After a lot of back-and-forth, the Georgians outfit managed to pull off a victory against the TI7 champions.

Entity, however, proved too hot to handle for both teams as they cruised to victory in less than forty minutes on both occasions. Monaspa lasted 35 minutes and 28 seconds, while Nigma Galaxy held on about three minutes longer. 

Other than retaining their Division I status, this victory also keeps Entity’s Bali Major qualification hopes alive. If they had been relegated, they would have had to participate in the WEU TI12 qualifiers. However, the Indian side still have a chance to earn adequate points for a direct invitation. 

Monaspa can be proud of their performance throughout the season, even though they could not avoid the agonizing drop. The team fought hard against some of the world's best teams and almost managed to hold on to their Division I status. It was an unfortunate near-miss for them. 

Nigma, on the other hand, would look back on their season with more agony, considering their narrow survival in the Winter Tour and high hopes for this tour. They will now have to return to Division II, which means they will not qualify for any DPC Majors this season. To qualify for TI12, they must compete in the WEU qualifiers. It remains to be seen if either of the relegated teams will make any roster changes before the Summer Tour.

Entity Defeat Monaspa and Nigma Galaxy To Avoid WEU Division II Relegation
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