Emmanuel Macron Announced 2023 BLAST Paris Major

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Emmanuel Macron Announced 2023 BLAST Paris Major

People who reside in Europe and those interested in politics know that Emmanuel Macron is the current French president. Normally, we won’t cover any of his actions in terms of politics, but in a recent tweet, he announced one of the most anticipated CSGO events of 2023.

According to the French President, the first CSGO Major of 2023 will occur in Paris, France’s capital. Following the announcement, BLAST also confirmed it on their Twitter.


CSGO is very popular in France because the country is home to some of the best players in the world. With that said, Paris played a key role in League of Legends, as well as in Dota 2. 

The MDL Disneyland Paris Major was one of the big events with $1,000,000 that brought together some of the world’s best Dota 2 teams. In terms of League of Legends, fans got the chance to see the World Championship. Needless to say, it was time to host one of the big CSGO events.

The best French CSGO teams

As mentioned, France is one of the few European countries that can rival Sweden and Denmark when it comes down to CSGO players. The country is home to various top teams, such as Team EnVyUs, LDLC, and more. In terms of individual starts, Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut stands out as one of the world’s top AWPers.

Despite being the president of France, Macro seems to be a passionate eSports fan. He talked about his desire for France to become one of the hot destinations for eSports events, so we are not surprised that he decided to announce the BLAST Paris Major 

The Event


The 2023 BLAST Paris Major will take place in May 2023. Even though there is a lot of time until then, we already know that the competition will include 24 teams. Similar to other events of this caliber, this one will have a $1,000,000 prize pool.

In terms of the format, this event will have three stages. The first one is called “The Challengers Stage” and it will last from May 8 – 11. This stage will include 16 teams that will play in the so-called Swiss System format. This means that 8 will advance further, whereas others will be eliminated.

The second part of the event is called “The Legends Stage,” and it will run between May 13-16, 2023. It will also include 16 teams, where the elimination and advancement matches are in Bo3. The top 8 teams go to the next stage, whereas the others are eliminated.

Finally, we have The Champions Stage, where the remaining teams will play in a single-elimination bracket. The matches are Bo3.

The big event before the 2023 BLAST Paris Major

Even though this Major will be pretty cool, it is not the first big event of 2023. So far, we know that there will be one Major before that, and it will take place in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Passionate CSGO fans will be very interested in this tournament because Rio had to be the host of the 2020 ESL Rio Major. However, the COVID-19 pandemic canceled this tournament, which disappointed a lot of fans.

Fortunately, the Brazillian CSGO community will have the chance to watch the best teams in the world. We do not have any official information in terms of the teams that will take compete in Brazil, but we suppose this will change a few weeks from now. As for the Paris Major, a series of qualifiers should take place later this year. 

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Emmanuel Macron Announced 2023 BLAST Paris Major
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