EDward Gaming Win China Evolution Series Act 1

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EDward Gaming Win China Evolution Series Act 1

The first act of the China Evolution tournament crowns EDward Gaming as the champions

Organized by TJ Sports and Riot Games, the China Evolution Series is a tournament featuring eight of the best teams from the region in every act. The first act, Variation, concluded with EDward Gaming winning the event in an exciting best of 5 against Rare Atom. 

EDward Gaming Dominate Home Ground

Throughout Variation, EDG only lost a single map, which was at the Grand Final. Before the Bo5, the Chinese roster dominated Trace Esports, Attacking Soul Esports and FunPlus Phoenix with 2-0 victories. Fan favorite Zheng “ZmjjKK” Yongkang, famously known as KangKang, had incredible performances in all four games EDG played during the main event. Alongside him, Zhang “Smoggy” Zhao and Wang “nobody” Senxu showed their prowess.

Zheng "ZmjjKK" Yongkang, also known as Kangkang

Credit: Riot Games

KangKang and his squad have established themselves as not only the best team in China but one of the top names in the globe, and this victory has put another stamp on EDG’s domination era. 

China Evolution Series Act 1 – Team Ranking

While many would have expected Bilibili Gaming to secure the second spot after EDG, the Chinese Valorant scene seems to be finding new heroes. Now that the first act has concluded, here are the ranking of all the eight teams that participated in the main event –

  1. EDward Gaming
  2. Rare Atom
  3. FunPlus Phoenix 
  4. Trace Esports
  5. Bilibili Gaming
  6. Attacking Soul Esports
  7. TYLOO
  8. Team Weibo

China Evolution Series Act 2: Selection

Act 2 of the China Evolution Series, Selection, will kick off on October 20, 2023, with the top four teams from Act 1 and another four squads from the Play-In stage. Therefore, we will be seeing EDG, Rare Atom, FPX and Trace Esports compete once again. 

EDward Gaming Win China Evolution Series Act 1
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