EDward Gaming Announce Game Changers Roster

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EDward Gaming Announce Game Changers Roster

EDward Gaming shake up the competitive scene as they unveil their game-changing roster

EDward Gaming, a prominent Chinese organization, have entered the VCT Game Changers scene by acquiring the highly regarded former Oxyg3niOus roster. In the upcoming tournaments, the team will compete under the name “EDward Gaming Women.” 

Oxyg3niOus, recognized as one of Taiwan's finest female teams, boasted an exceptional roster with players like Lizhi, WawaLee, XiMiLu, and Yusin, who narrowly missed out on qualifying for the VCT Game Changers Championship later this year. Despite reaching the knockout stage in the VCT Game Changers East Asia: Qualifier, Yusin and her teammates suffered a heartbreaking defeat against FENNEl GC in a fiercely contested Best of 3 series.

Heading into the rest of the season, former coach for FPX and BiliBili Gaming Billyo is expected to coach the team.

EDward Gaming Announce Game Changer Roster

Credit: EDward Gaming

Here is what the new “EDward Gaming Women” roster looks like:

  • WawaLee
  • XiMiLu
  • Yusin
  • Lizhi 
  • Clem
EDward Gaming Announce Game Changers Roster
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