Edward Gaming and Attacking Soul Are Going to Masters Tokyo

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Edward Gaming and Attacking Soul Are Going to Masters Tokyo

The two Chinese slots for this year's Masters Tokyo event are filled by the winner and runner-up of the FGC Invitational 2023

Attacking Soul Esports and Edward Gaming have confirmed their spot at this year’s Masters Tokyo after placing first and second, respectively, in FGC Valorant Invitational 2023: Act 1. 

The group stage of this event started on March 22, placing EDG and Attacking Soul in two different batches. At the end of the stage, both squads were on top of their groups without losing a single series, and they were ready to face the Playoffs.

During the Playoffs, Edward Gaming enjoyed a clean run on the upper brackets. At the same time, Attacking Soul had to fight through the lowers, beating FPX and KONE to eventually reach the Grand Final against LOCK//IN participant EDG. The final was a close Best of 5, where Attacking Soul emerged victorious at the end with a 3-2 score line. 

Edward Gaming are going to Masters Tokyo

Edward Gaming at LOCK//IN by Riot Games

As the winner of FGC Invitational 2023: Act 1, Attacking Soul have the #1 seed from their region. Moreover, Masters Tokyo will be their first international LAN event as their fellow team Edward Gaming have already debuted at LOCK//IN this year.

These two squads will fight against teams from EMEA, Americas and Pacific regions at Masters Tokyo starting June 11. Ten of the twelve spots of this tournament are still looking for their placeholders as VCT Americas, Pacific and EMEA are ongoing.