“This Was a Miracle Run” – EDG nobody After Eliminating LOUD from Masters Tokyo 

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“This Was a Miracle Run” – EDG nobody After Eliminating LOUD from Masters Tokyo 

Wang “nobody” Senxu talked about the team’s Cinderella tale, his individual performance and more in a LOUD vs EDG post-match interview

EDward Gaming are continuing their miracle run at Masters Tokyo, and this time have eliminated LOUD from the Playoffs Lower Bracket. The Brazilians, one of the favorites to win the event, are leaving Tokyo without a single map to their name. 

The game started on Lotus, where EDG brought back their Cypher-Omen single Controller composition, which almost succeeded against Liquid. They dominated LOUD on their map pick, winning it by a 13-6 score. 

The second map was much closer, with the Brazilians having control in the first half of Fracture. However, EDG’s attacking side proved stronger than the VCT Americas Champions could handle. 

Wang “nobody” Senxu and Zheng “ZmjjKK” Yongkang shared the MVP spots for the series with 265 ACS scores to both of their name. In a post-match interview, nobody explained the team’s confidence boost, his performance in the Bo3 and the miracle run. 

“After taking down NAVI and now LOUD, I feel like our confidence has definitely been boosted, and I'm kind of wondering how far we can really achieve and what kind of future we have in this masters.” – nobody on securing the top 6 after this win.

The Initiator for EDG also spoke about what a miracle run they have enjoyed so far, with this Masters being not only their first win at a global LAN but also making it to the Playoffs for the first time in a stage like this. “After pulling this off, I mean, I would probably say this was a miracle run for ourselves, but after we proved that we were capable of doing this, I think we are definitely worth more in this journey, and I want to tell everybody that thank you for your support, and we are looking forward to our future as well.”

EDward Gaming (EDG) at Masters Tokyo

Credit: Riot Games

nobody on His Previous Match Performances

Although nobody wasn’t on the top in terms of stats in the previous matches at Masters Tokyo, he, by no means, had a poor form with 190+ ACS in many of the games. However, the player himself was not satisfied with those numbers. 

“So, personally, I was not really satisfied with my performance individually in the previous matches, but today, I would probably call myself, you know, decent. And also, I know that everyone is putting all their efforts into our games. I was really concerned about KangKang before, but I think, with all the efforts of our teammates, we can really just trust him to push forward and go forward.”

“This Was a Miracle Run” – EDG nobody After Eliminating LOUD from Masters Tokyo 
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