EA To Crowdfund Apex Legends Championship Prize Pool

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EA To Crowdfund Apex Legends Championship Prize Pool

EA has unveiled plans to crowdfund the prize pool for the ALGS Championship.

The cosmetics will be available via five separate bundles, one for each skin set and one for all four. The prize pool for the ALGS was due to be $1 million, however, that could increase to $3 million if enough bundles are sold.

Four of the bundles will contain one Legendary Legend Skin, one Epic Banner Frame, and one Epic Gun Charm. Finally, the Animal Kingdom Bundle will include all the items of the sale in one convenient package.

$5 will be added to the prize pool from each of the four individual bundles, while $20 will be added to the prize pool for any sales of the full bundle. The bundles themselves cost 2500 Apex Coins (10,000 for all four), meaning that less than 50% of each sale is added to the prize pool. Skin bundles are available for purchase in the store as of today.

The 2021 ALGS Championships get underway on May 22 and will run until June 13. The event will feature teams from Europe, North America, APAC South, APAC North, and South America.

A good incentive, ruined by greed

While we wouldn’t expect any company to offer 100% of the money to the prize pool, clearly 50% should be a minimum aim. That’s if your goal is to actually drive money into the esports scene rather than using the prize pool as a way to drive more sales.

While the skins on offer are nice, they certainly don’t look anything too spectacular or any relevance to any side actually competing. Sadly, this feels like an idea from Respawn to get more prize pool into the esports scene while EA has looked at it as a way to gain increased skin sales.

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