DSG Teases Mystery Squad, Leaving Fans Curious To Know 

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DSG Teases Mystery Squad, Leaving Fans Curious To Know 

Disguised Toast's DSG teases return with a mystery 5-player squad, leaving fans guessing if it's for Valorant or Game Changers

After facing disappointing results and being relegated from the VCT Challenger League, DSG made the difficult decision to disband their existing roster. Disguised Toast expressed gratitude towards the players' contributions and indicated a re-evaluation of DSG's future in the Valorant scene.

In an earlier statement, Disguised Toast acknowledged his inexperience in the esports realm and the challenges he faced while leading the team. The streamer had also formed a Game Changers squad comprising popular female Valorant streamers, but unfortunately, they struggled to achieve the desired results, leading to their departure from the organization.

However, today, on July 9, 2023, DSG sparked excitement among their fanbase by tweeting about a forthcoming mystery squad. The tweet hinted at a future announcement in two days, leaving fans intrigued about the squad's composition and purpose.

One of the primary questions raised by fans is whether the mystery squad will consist of male players for Valorant or if DSG will venture into another Game Changers lineup. The anticipation and curiosity surrounding the upcoming reveal are growing as fans eagerly await further details.


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As DSG prepares to unveil their mystery squad, the announcement holds the potential to revitalize the organization's presence in the Valorant scene. With only two days remaining until the reveal, fans and followers of Disguised Toast and DSG are counting down, hoping for exciting news that will reignite their enthusiasm and set the stage for DSG's next chapter in competitive Valorant.

DSG Teases Mystery Squad, Leaving Fans Curious To Know 
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