DreamLeague 21 Finalists’ Final Stretch Before TI 12

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DreamLeague 21 Finalists’ Final Stretch Before TI 12

With the climactic end to an exhilarating Tournament, let’s take a look at the journey of the DreamLeague 21 Finalists and predict what's in store for Team Spirit and BetBoom Team before TI 12

The last top tier international tournament before The International 12 had Dota 2 fans at the edge of their seats. And with the Finals Day being over, the bar has been set for Dota 2’s biggest show. The best teams across 5 regions going head-to-head against one another in an enthralling series of games. 11 out of the 12 teams in the tournament have secured a spot at The International(TI) 2023. 

DreamLeague Season 21: Dangerous Teams Ahead Of TI

Let’s dive straight in to some in-form squads to watch at TI, the top 4 of DreamLeague Season 21:

4th Place: OG

It is a shame we won’t be able to see the familiar chants for these Dota 2 juggernauts at TI. OG did really well at DreamLeague, especially since they played with MinD_ ContRoL as a stand-in. It will be interesting to see if they want to make the switch permanent.

They had a decent Group Stage, and were placed in the Lower Bracket Round 1 against 9Pandas. They went on to win 2-0, followed by an amazing series against Tundra Esports. OG inched out the TI champions even after losing the first game, forcing a GG out from Tundra in 20 minutes in Game 3. They fell 2-0 to third-placed BetBoom.

3rd Place: BetBoom Team

The Eastern European(EEU) powerhouse fell in the Lower Bracket Final to Shopify Rebellion earlier today. BetBoom fell short at a major tournament yet again, but they did have their moments. The young prodigies will be one of the teams to fear at TI 12.

BetBoom fell down to the Lower Bracket after losing 2-1 to Shopify Rebellion. They then demolished both Entity and OG 2-0, before falling to Shopify again in the Lower Bracket Finals.

DreamLeague 21 Finalists: Teams To Beat At The International 2023

The latest of Valve’s biggest Dota 2 carnival is less than three weeks away, and Dota 2 fans are itching for the action to start. With the best of the best facing off for a chance to claim the Aegis of Champions, here are the teams with red hot form ahead of TI –

Runners-Up: Shopify Rebellion

DreamLeague 21 Finalists' Final Stretch Before TI 12

Shopify Rebellion fell to winners Team Spirit after an incredible Best-Of-5 (Bo5) that ended 3-0. However, Shopify looked to have their cogs in place at TI, beating out some of the strongest teams in the world. Even though they ended up falling short, they have a whole list of positives to take away from their run at DreamLeague Season 21


This tournament has been a sigh of relief for the NA Dota fans. After mediocre showings at best throughout the year, fans finally caught a glimpse of what the for Evil Geniuses squad can do. 

They were dominant in their group, going 8-2 in a group containing the likes of Tundra Esports, Team Liquid and more. They defeated BetBoom 2-1 in the Upper Bracket, earning their ticket to the Upper Bracket Final against Team Spirit (TS). They lost to TS 2-1, dropping down to the Lower Bracket Final in a rematch against BetBoom.They defeated BetBoom and secured a rematch against Team Spirit.

The final did not go according to plan however, as Shopify were defeated 3-0 by Yatoro and Co. They did show signs of life in Games 1, but were lacking in late game execution. Team Spirit were easily the better team in the Grand Finals and the results showed.

Abed has been a beacon of light for the NA squad, with one stellar showing after another. His form has been very stable during DreamLeague, something Shopify fans were desperately hoping for. The rest of the team has also looked good, turning their fortunes after a lackluster 2023.

SabeRLighT- and Cr1t- also had amazing performances in the tournament as well. Arteezy perhaps, has had a few moments and decisions he would love to forget, and will be looking to rectify some of that in the coming TI. 

They did fall to Team Spirit in a white wash at the Grand Finals, but they will have a lot of positives to take out of their campaign. The Artour believers will be tuning into TI12 with high hopes for their posterboy and his team.

The Champions of DreamLeague: Team Spirit

DreamLeague 21 Finalists' Final Stretch Before TI 12
Credit: PC Gamer

The TI10 champs, Team Spirit, have been crowned the champions of DreamLeague Season 21. This was the last tournament featuring the top teams in the word before TI 12. All eyes were set trying to identify the favorites at The International 2023. The TI10 champs went from strength to strength throughout the tournament and fans will have high hopes for them at TI.

The TI10 Champions had a shaky start to the season. They came 7th-8th at the Lima Major 2023, and scampered through to 9th-12th at the ESL One Berlin Major 2023 as well as the Bali Major 2023. They did manage to win the third tour of EEU DPC 2023, but they were struggling a bit. Their new mid laner, Larl, had gigantic shoes to fill after replacing TORONTOTOKYO.

 It was only at the recent Riyadh Masters 2023 where the squad really found their feet. Miposhka’s men went on to win the whole thing, securing a massive 5,000,000USD. They looked to be at their world beating best, and they have only extended their spree at DreamLeague. 

Team Spirit went 9-1 in the Group Stage, only dropping a game to EEU counterparts BetBoom Team. They then went on to storm through the Upper Bracket, beating defending TI champs Tundra 2-0 in the first round. They then went on to beat Shopify Rebellion 2-1 in the Upper Bracket Final, before having a rematch with them at the Grand Finals. 

The TI champions demolished Shopify Rebellion 3-0 in the Grand Finals. Miposhka’s boys look to be in full power heading into TI, and they did not give Shopify a sniffing chance in the Grand Finals. Game 2 and Game 3 were absolute demolitions, with Yatoro giving TI 2021 Flashbacks to the viewers.

Team Spirit looks to have everything in place to be a force at The International 2023. Alongside Gaimin Gladiators, they are the team to beat at TI. Their new mid Larl seems to have settled down completely and gelled in with the team. Both their sidelane cores are also somewhere close to their TI-winning best. Miposhka and Mira will be looking to consolidate the teamplay and march for their second Aegis at Seattle in October. 

The Horizon

DreamLeague has come to an end, with Team Spirit emerging victorious. The International 2023 is less than three weeks away. And the best Dota 2 teams from across the world will be making their way to Seattle. Stay tuned as we keep all eyes on finding Dota 2’s new band of immortals! 


DreamLeague 21 Finalists’ Final Stretch Before TI 12
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