DreamHack Summer Fest To Have CS2 Access

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DreamHack Summer Fest To Have CS2 Access

Players will get to experience the much-awaited Counter-Strike sequel in Jönkoping this summer 

DreamHack has announced via Twitter that visitors will get to play Counter-Strike 2 alongside other games in the upcoming DreamHack Summer Fest. The event will take place in the picturesque Swedish lakeside city of Jönkoping, from June 16 to June 18. 

DreamHack started out as a local computer festival in Sweden in the mid-90s, but gradually it became the biggest computer and gaming festival in the world. 

Attendees can bring their own TV, computer, or consoles to the event. The organizers provide seating facilities with power and LAN sockets. The itinerary features LAN fest, concerts, gaming competitions, meetups, cosplay and many more.  

Counter-Strike 2, the next instalment in Valve’s flagship shooter, is currently available to a limited number of players. The developers rolled out the Limited Test Edition in March and is expecting a full launch this summer. Since its beta release, it has received mostly if not overwhelmingly positive feedback from the community at large.

It's unclear whether or not players will get to play the full version of the game at DreamHack. 

Valve have introduced seven CS2 maps so far. The Touchstone Maps (Mirage, Train, Dust II) have remained more or less the same. The Upgrade Maps (Nuke, Aztec) have improved physics and lighting. The developers have completely redesigned the Overhauls Maps (Overpass, Italy) and it's likely that they will introduce more changes as the release date draws nearer, so it's possible that players will get to experience the near-final, if not the final, version of the game at the DreamHack Summer Fest. 

DreamHack Summer Fest To Have CS2 Access
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