DreamHack Confirms Swedish Summer LAN to go Ahead as Planned

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DreamHack Confirms Swedish Summer LAN to go Ahead as Planned

Amongst all the bad coronavirus news in esports, there is one event not going down yet.

DreamHack Summer, which is due to start on June 11th is still scheduled to go ahead despite the latest information out of Sweden. DreamHack confirms that it will continue to monitor the situation.

On March 11th, The Government of Sweden, on advice from the Swedish Public Health Agency, has decided to place a temporary ban on events with more than 500 people within the country. The ban is set to be in place for two months. This ban only applies to public events. This means that workplaces, schools, cruises, or private gatherings of over 500 people will not be affected.

In a statement, the Swedish Public Health Agency said: “It is an infection control measure that could have an effect in the situation we are currently in, and in order to be effective the measure should apply to the entire country.”

As of right now, most cases of COVID-19 in Sweden can be traced to travel from northern Italy, Iran, and the US. Sweden reported that a small number of cases in Västra Götaland and Stockholm cannot be traced to international travel.

DreamHack Summer to go Ahead

DreamHack Summer is set to take place in less than two months. We reached out to the Swedish-based tournament organizers who provided us with the following comments.

“At this time, we plan to move forward with all of our DreamHack events this year as scheduled. However, we will continue to follow the guidance of (the) World Health Organization (WHO), the Public Health Agency of Sweden (Folkhälsomyndigheten), city officials and venue partners, and will act if there is noteable development.”

DreamHack stressed that if any specific measures are required of them or they decided to based on developments of the coronavirus outbreak they will provide an update.

DreamHack Confirms Swedish Summer LAN to go Ahead as Planned
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