DPC 2023 Western Europe Week 3 Overview

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DPC 2023 Western Europe Week 3 Overview

Week 2 in the WEU 2023 DPC was fun, even though most of the favorites won their matches. Speaking of the devil, Team Liquid became the first name in WEU, securing a slot for the Major. The team won 5 matches in Weeks 1 and 2 and deserved to be in the top 4.

DPC 2023 Western Europe Week 3 Overview

Even though other teams haven’t didn’t secure a slot for the Majors yet, there are a couple of names that are close. Unsurprisingly, the third week was crucial for everyone, so let’s learn more about some things that happened.

Needless to say, you can take a look at our recap of Week 2 if you want to know more about what happened.

OG took down Entity

The first series of week 3 in the 2023 WEU DPC put together OG vs Entity. Bzm and the rest only had one loss before this game, so winning it would put them one step closer to their first Major of the DPC. Even though the victory didn’t come easy, Yuragi and the rest defeated their opponents.

The first match between the two lasted for almost 50 minutes, during which we had the chance to watch an epic battle. Entity tried an interesting draft with Invoker and LC, something that we don’t see every day. As for OG, the two-time TI winners decided to bet on their classic Enigma setup. 

Although both teams had a lot of chances, in the end, OG turned out to be more persistent than the two and won the first map. However, this victory didn’t last long because Entity ripped through their enemies in the second game.

Despite losing with Invoker, Entity picked him again, but this time, he was with Pudge and DS. Surprisingly, the team didn’t let their opponents do anything in the laning stage and won in just 24 minutes.

The bad news for Entity was that the team lost Game 3. Although watson and the rest had a pretty good early game and gained a solid lead, this wasn’t enough to stop Yuragi’s Sniper. The Ukrainian star had a crucial role in his team and carried it to victory.

Secret finally broke the curse

Team Secret was one of the leading contenders to win the 2023 WEU DPC Division I because it reached TI 11’s final. However, it seems like Nisha’s departure left a hole in the team’s success because it has tons of problems. 

Puppey and the rest failed to win a single series during weeks 1 and 2, but it seems like the team finally broke the curse. Interestingly, the team won its most important match yet – against ITB. The latter is one of the names that can drop into Division II, which is why this match was crucial for both.

Surprisingly, Team Secret had no problems on both maps and won with little to no effort. The team picked Lina in the first map, and as expected, ITB couldn’t stop her from winning. 

Xibbe and the rest got Lina for themselves in the second game, but even this hero wasn’t enough to win. Team Secret got Drow and Invoker, and after winning the laning stage, Secret slowly gained a massive lead. ITB tried delaying the game, but they didn’t have enough damage and lost the match.

NGX also broke the curse

After Team Secred secured its first victory, it was time for Nigma Galaxy to do the same. This time, SumaiL and the rest had to go up against none other than OG, one of the best-performing teams in the 2023 WEU DPC Division I. What made the series even more fun was the fact that Ammar had to play against his former colleagues.

OG and Nigma Galaxy allowed us to watch one of the most intriguing series in the 2023 WEU DPC so far. We saw 3 games full of action, but in the end, NGX won. The first map was probably the one that people will talk about the most because bzm’s Invoker was out of this world. The Dota 2 prodigy ripped through his opponents and had a key role in the team’s success.

Sadly, this was where OG’s luck came to an end because games 2 and 3 were all about Nigma Galaxy. The second map was an easy win for them after getting Leshraca and IO. The team dominated in the laning stage and didn’t allow OG’s Enigma and Ursa pick to shine.

The third match was an epic battle between Siper and Nature’s Prophet, two of the strongest right-clicking carries. Both teams used interesting tactics and had a fairly good opportunity to win. However, NGX was more persistent out of the two and eventually won the map.

Other results

Aside from NGX’s victory against Team Secret, Week 3 of the 2023 Western Europe DPC gave us access to several other interesting results. One of them was the match between Gaimin Gladiators and Tundra Esports. Even though we expected TI 11 winners to have no problem in the match, their opponents surprised them by winning both games.

Interestingly, Team Liquid also dealt with OG in a series where Bzm and the rest had to win. Dota 2 fans will remember the first map between the two because it gave us access to many epic plays. We had the chance to watch Nisha’s legendary Invoker together with Enigma as they carried Liquid. 

Even though OG won the second map and picked Invoker for BZM in the third one, Team Liquid was better and won the map. This victory allowed it to finish first in Division I without losing a single series.

Speaking of finishing first, Liquid became the first team to qualify for the Major. The second slot went to Gamin Gladiators, whereas the 3rd one was for Tundra Esports. Although we expected OG to be the 4th squad on the list, the team lost its final series against Entity. Hence, the latter secured the last slot for the Major.

If we take a look at the bottom, we can see that Team Secret and Into The Breach are heading to Division II. Even though NGX was also close to relegation, the team won its last 2 series, which allowed them to bounce back.

DPC 2023 Western Europe Week 3 Overview
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