DPC 2023 South America Week 1 Overview

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DPC 2023 South America Week 1 Overview

All the action from Week 1 of the SA DPC.

Following the performance of the best South American teams in 2022, it shouldn’t be surprising that this will be one of the most interesting regions to watch during the 2023 DPC. The best Dota 2 teams will have to fight for only 2 Major slots, so we expect to have a lot of epic results.

Speaking of top teams, the 2023 DPC allowed us to watch the newest addition to the region – Evil Geniuses. North America’s powerhouse decided to drop its roster and create a new one that focuses on this region. It found its way into Division I, which means we will keep an eye on it to see how it performs.

he first week of Division I is over, and it allowed us to watch several interesting matches. The South American DPC Division I will only last for 3 weeks, so here is what went down.

BC defeated KStars and Infamous

There are a couple of big names in South America that will be fighting for the two Major slots, and these two are among them. The first week of the DPC 2023 allowed us to watch the epic series between beastcoast and Keyd Stars.

Although we expected the Brazilian squad to put up a fight, bc proved yet again that they are among the best in South America. The team didn’t have the best start in the first game because their opponents picked Broodmother. While it is true that the laning stage was good for the Brazilians, everything changed following the big team fight 15 minutes after the start.

After the fight was over, BC came on top with a massive 7k net worth. Things started to look even worse for tavo and the rest as BC’s lead kept getting bigger and bigger. In the end, the SA powerhouse won the map.

Game 2

After the disappointing finish in game 1, 4dr and the rest of his team wanted to bounce back and win the second map. Interestingly, the team picked Nature’s Prophet and Spirit Breaker, two heroes that allowed them to have a global presence. Although their draft looked good on paper, the team failed to use it properly, and BC ripped through them.

The early game wasn’t good for DarkMago and co., but the fight near the 12th minute changed everything. Despite losing in terms of net worth, NC got crucial kills on their opponents’ cores without losing a single hero. Unsurprisingly, the team used the momentum, got the Aegis, and won the match.

The match vs Infamous

After securing the first victory in the South American DPC, BC had another challenge – Infamous. Even though we expected a completely one-sided series, the match turned out to be fast-paced and extremely fun to watch.

Although BC’s draft looked pretty good in game 1, the team failed to win the match because Infamous’s cores were simply too strong. So, after losing, BC had to bounce back in game 2, so the team picked a Troll Warlord, a hero we don’t see that often. Even though it wasn’t easy to go up against Drow and Morphling, BC eventually took the lead and equalized the match.

The deciding game between the 2 was probably the most interesting one to watch. Despite the fact that INF gave everything they got, BC’s Naga and Timber combo proved to be really hard to beat. As a result, BC won the map and got its 2nd victory.

Thunder Waken vs Ravens


After BC won their first series of the 2023 DPC in South America, it was time for the second big name to shine. Thunder Awaken had to take on Ravens, a team that earned its place in Division II. Even though everyone underestimated the Peruvian squad, the team did pretty well in both games and didn’t allow TA to rip through them.

In game 1, Ravens relied heavily on their Primal Beast and Lina combo to do a lot of pressure early on. Despite securing several kills, it wasn’t enough to disrupt TA’s gameplay, which is why the latter gained a big lead in the mid-game.

With more than a 10k net worth lead just 23 minutes after the start, a team of Thunder Awaken’s caliber didn’t allow their enemies to bounce back. As a result, it got a lead in the series.

Game 2

The second game of the series was definitely more one-sided compared to the first one. Thunder Awaken got a good lead, thanks to their Lina. Knight- dominated throughout the series and secured his team the victory. After getting mega creeps near the 32nd minute, Thunder Awaken got its first 2023 DPC South America to win.

EG won its first series in South America

The fact that Evil Geniuses decided to join the South American Dota 2 region made everything more interesting. Before we had the chance to watch EG against the TA and BC, it was time to see the team’s first series against Infinity.

Suffice it to say, Evil Geniuses were the heavy favorites, so people weren’t surprised that the team defeated their opponents. EG dominated in both games after picking Silencer in each one. Even though Infinity had a way better draft in the first map, EG simply outclassed them and won in just 35 minutes.

In game 2, Chis Luck and the rest decided to get a Shadow Fiend carry and Leshrac for the mid-lane. Even though this was a risky move, it paid off because Evil Geniuses also won the second map. 

BC defeated Infinity, whereas Thunder Awaken lost to KStars

Following the end of all matches in The South America DPC Division I, BC turned out to be the big favorite because the team won 3 matches. Aside from defeating KStars an Infamous, BC also won against Infinity.

Sadly, their arch-nemesis Thunder Awaken wasn’t so lucky. The team lost its 2nd match of the week against KStars, which means they can’t make any more mistakes. Of course, we are yet to see the battle between them and BC, which will take place during week 3.

DPC 2023 South America Week 1 Overview
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