DPC 2023 North America Week 2 Overview

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DPC 2023 North America Week 2 Overview

All the highlights from Week 2 in North America's DPC 2023 Division I.

Since Evil Geniuses left North America, the Dota 2 region hasn’t been the same. Although it definitely lost some of its prestige, there are a couple of top-tier teams that we can pay attention to. 

Names like Shopify Rebellion already proved they are in a league of their own following the first week. As expected, TSM was the second team that stood out, with nouns and 5RATFORCESTAFF close behind. 

Speaking standing out, the best teams in North America played had to go through Week 2 of the NA DPC. This week was extremely important for the teams that wanted to finish in the top 4. Since NA only has 2 slots for the first Major, every victory counts. 

With that said, here are some of the highlights of the week.

TSM defeated Nouns

The first and probably one of the most important matches of the week were between TSM and nouns. These two teams are 2 of the big favorites for one of the Major slots, so it was really important to see what would happen. As expected, they gave everything they got, but in the end, TSM was victorious.

Timado and the rest didn’t have the best start in game one after the team failed to win the laning stage. They relied on the Leshrac and Ursa lineup, which is pretty popular in every part of the world. However, after the team suffered early on, nouns took full advantage and ripped through them. In the end, nouns got more than a 40 net worth lead, which was enough to win.

Game 2

Despite winning the first map, nouns weren’t able to do the same in the second game of the series. TSM also had problems in the laning stage early on, which allied their opponents to get a comfortable lead. However, a crucial mistake 22 minutes after the start was the beginning of the end for Gunnar and the rest.

Slowly but steadily, TSM got the lead as their cores gained a considerable advantage. Nouns did everything they could to keep themselves in the game, but this never happened.

Game 3

Unlike in the previous 2 games, TSM had a very strong laning stage in the third match. They’ve maximized their efforts to allow BS to get as much farm as possible, and Timado didn’t disappoint.

With a 24k net worth just 32 minutes after the start, Bloodseeker was unstoppable, even against the likes of Naga, Viper and Batrider. Even though nouns had a glimmer of hope after getting the Aegis and Cheese, this wasn’t enough to stop TSM from winning.

Shopify Rebellion continues its winning streak

Following the 2 victories in week 1, the ex-EG roster continues to have little to no problems in the North American DPC. The team’s first challenge for the week was Alpha, one of the newcomers in the league. As expected, Arteezy and the rest dominated in both series and had their opponents no chance of winning.

Following their signature Lycan and TB draft in game one, Fly and co. tried something interesting in the second map by picking Sven and DS. It seems like this combo is really good right now because SR didn’t have problems defeating their opponents.

After defeating Alpha, Arteezy, and the rest and another challenge, but this time, it was 5RATFORCESTAFF. These two have met numerous times in the last couple of years, so we weren’t surprised that SR was the favorite.

Speaking of favorites, the team absolutely crushed their opponents in the first and second games of the series. We had the chance to see Artour’s legendary Ursa in action, and as expected, he had no problems carrying his team. 

As for game 2, the ex-EG roster used the trendy Drow Ranger and Lycan combo. Their opponents tried countering them with Skywrath, Lina, and Primal Beast, but things didn’t work as planned.  After the dreadful laning stage, Shopify Rebellion had no problems ripping through their opponents and winning the match.

Nouns won against B8

Despite losing their first series of the week vs TSM (which was really important for Moo and the rest), the team defeated Dendi’s quad. The match between them and B8 was a lot more exciting than expected because the CIS squad put up a challenge.

In game one, B8 had a fairly good start, but their enemies didn’t want to allow their CK to snowball. Consequently, Nouns used their aggressive draft and started ganking their opponents in order to gain the lead. Gunnar and the rest were clearly better, so they won the first map around 46 minutes after the start.

Unlike in Game 1, the second map of this series started well for Dendi and co. as the team won the laning stage. The fact that we got to see Dendi’s Pudge made the series even more fun to watch, but the bad news is that it didn’t end well for him and his team.

Despite the good start, many mistakes from B8 resulted in losing the match. The last nail in the coffin was the big team fight 29 minutes after the start, where nouns killed 4 heroes..

TSM secured a 2nd victory

After winning against nouns,TSM also had no problems against 5RFS and won a very important series. Following this success, the team has 4 victories and occupies second place in Division I. Needless to say, only 2 teams will head over to the Major, so it is important to finish in the top 2.

Speaking of winning, TSM dominated in both games. The team used Morph and Puck in the first one, and the two heroes quickly gained a massive lead over their counterparts and allowed the team to win. That said, TSM got their hands on the extremely popular Lina carry and ripped through their competitors in the second match.

After 27 minutes of play, Timado and the rest defeated their opponents. Speaking of 5RATFORCESTAFF, the team has 2 wins and 3 losses, which means it will most likely keep its Division I slot for Tour 2.

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DPC 2023 North America Week 2 Overview
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