Dota2: Boom ID to add SEA’s #1 MMR Player

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Dota2: Boom ID to add SEA’s #1 MMR Player

SEA Dota 2 team Boom ID will add Muhammad ’InYourDream’ Rizky to their roster.

Boom ID is a very interesting team that exploded onto the SEA scene a couple of months ago. Shortly after, they failed to qualify for TI 9, which meant the team was first in line to make some roster changes in order to resolve their current issues.


Boom ID Adds Muhammad ’InYourDream’ Rizky

Here is where the newest addition to Boom ID comes into play. Muhammad ’InYourDream’ Rizky is SEA’s highest MMR player, currently in the range of 9K. This is might not seem like number one material by EU standards, but in SEA, even the top pro players can't compete with EU pros in terms of MMR.

Rizky used to play for Boom back in early 2018. However, his time there was short-lived. After that, Rizky played for other teams but they were unable to achieve anything special.

With the addition of Rizky, Boom ID also released Tri ‘Jhocam’ Kuncoro. He played for the team for over two years and was one of the main reasons for the team's success. However, he and the organization decided that it is time to move on from one another.

Can Boom ID Succeed?

With the newest addition, Boom ID now has the potential to dream big. However, in order to do so, they need to revisit their performance during the last DPC season. Of course, qualifying for three Minors is definitely good, but if they want to be among the best, they need to step up their game and qualify for a Major.

On paper, they have all it takes to become the next top SEA team.


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Dota2: Boom ID to add SEA’s #1 MMR Player
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