Dota2: Alliance Releases Roster, Looking to Rebuild

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Dota2: Alliance Releases Roster, Looking to Rebuild

A couple of old-school European Dota 2 organizations are left, and Alliance is one of them.

Despite winning TI 3 many years ago, the team hasn’t had the same success lately. After having one of its worst seasons in years, Alliance decided to release its current players and try to rebuild its roster.

The decision

Although Alliance announced their decision a couple of days ago, fans needed some time to get used to it because some of the players have been a part of the team for a while. Perhaps the most popular one was Nikolay “Nikobaby” Nikolov. The Bulgarian carry player has been a part of Alliance for several years. What’s more, Loda rebuilt the entire roster around him just a few months ago.

Sadly, Alliance couldn’t achieve the expected results, which is why the organization decided to focus on a new team. “Releasing the full roster was not a decision we made lightly, especially since we have a history of developing and overcoming struggles”, said Jonathan “Loda” Berg.

Loda continues his statement by saying that he thanks the players, coaches, and support staff for helping the team until the end. He ended by saying that “rats survive everything”, so it will be really interesting to see what will Alliance’s new roster look like.

Alliance’s DPC run

People who haven’t followed Alliance in the last couple of months might be surprised by Loda’s decision to focus on a new team. However, active Dota 2 fans know that Alliance was just not on the same level as its counterparts.

It all started with Tour 1 when Alliance finished 7th. Despite having a pretty good roster, Nikobaby and the rest couldn’t live up to the expectations. As a result, the team finished with just one victory, which sent them to Division II for the next Tour 2.

As expected, Alliance made some raster changes for Tour 2 by adding CTOMAHEH1, another famous Bulgarian player. It seems like this decision was worth it because the EU powerhouse finished the tour with just one loss. This gave it second place and the chance to compete in Division I yet again.

Tour 3 was vital for Alliance because the team needed good results to have a chance at qualifying for The International. The team made a few other changes to ensure it achieved its result.

Sadly, Tour 3 was the worst one for Alliance so far because the team lost every single match. What was even more surprising is that Alliance didn’t win a single map. This was a clear sign that the team had some problems.

Aside from the DPC, Alliance took part in several other events. However, they continued with their disappointing performance, even at ESL One Malaysia 2022. The team was among the ones that received a direct invitation, but it finished last in its group.

The future

Now that Alliance will try to rebuild its roster, we expect Loda to bring over five fantastic players. No one knows which will be the new names, but there have been some rumors, especially after Nigma Galaxy’s failure to qualify for The International. Some sources claimed that Miracle- could leave the team, so we wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up in Alliance.

Speaking of new rosters, Loda might decide to steal a page of OG’s book and come up with 5 new players with no previous experience. Many fans were skeptical about those rosters, but it seems like they work. Every team that made this decision achieved impressive results, and OG is definitely the best example. After winning two LAN events, including the first Major of the DPC, the team is one of the main favorites for The International 2022.

Dota2: Alliance Releases Roster, Looking to Rebuild
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