Dota Underlords: WePlay Tournament Day 3 – Results

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Dota Underlords: WePlay Tournament Day 3 – Results

Day Three of the WePlay! Dota Underlords open tournament was a doozy.

Yesterday was the third day from one of the first big events in Dota Underlords – the WePlay! Dota Underlords open tournament. Having said that, we finally got the chance to watch the eight best players battling head to head.


WePlay! Dota Underlords Game 1

BGG and Yca4 started very strong as both of them were on winning streams before this game using Knights and Savages with Warlocks. In fact, the Ukranian player had a very good first game and quickly finished around round 16 using mainly Warlocks, one of the strongest Alliances right now. In the end, Yca4 finished first simply because no one could challenge his picks.

On the other hand, the Americas representatives did not have the best game. You can watch the full game one here:


Game 2

Unlike the previous game, Yca4 was unable to keep up as he lost early on, this time trying to play around the Savages and Heartless.

In the end, the person who came on top was Snofe. He and Cmel were the last people to survive in Game Two, nabbing some points for themselves.


Game 3

The main star of the show here in Game 3 was Joseph and his Elusives. His team was able to withstand the pressure from snofe, even though it was touch and go there for a little. Check it out below.


Game 4

After a brief period of silence, Yca4 and his Locks shined again. While some other players attempted to stop Yca4 in his tracks with teams full of Knights, they ultimately failed.


Game Five

This was probably the most chaotic game of all because there was tons of action going on. In the end, though, the Ukranian player Yca4 remained in first place with over 10 heroes on the board.

Apart from that, we also got the chance to see a Level three Luna from Joseph, which was pretty fun.

These are the final results from the third day of the tournament. Make sure to tune in today for the finals in WePlay’s Twitch Channel!

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Dota Underlords: WePlay Tournament Day 3 – Results
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