Dota Underlords: Top Five Alliances to Play

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Dota Underlords: Top Five Alliances to Play

Dota Underlords is still in its open access which means that there are constant updates that change the meta. In fact, the most recent one happened just a couple of days ago. It did not include that many heroes or Alliances changes but there were new items that got introduced. Having said that, let’s take a look at some of the strongest Alliances right now.


The Knights have proven themselves to be the most stable Alliance so far. Despite the fact that it went through a lot of changes, it still remains as one of the overall best.

This Alliance has it all – incredibly high durability which is combined with a good magical and physical damage. In addition to that, most units are fairly easy to get and to obtain, which makes it easy to pick up and utilize properly.

The bonuses of this Alliance are as follows: Two of them take 15% less physical and magical damage. If the units are just one cell away from each other, they take an additional 15% decrease. The percentage number goes to 20 and 25% for four and six units.


Unlike Knights, the Mage Alliance is a lot harder to build up. In fact, sometimes it can take as much as 25+ rounds to get it all up and running. Having said that, once you do, this Alliance is capable of doing devastating amounts of damage to your enemies. If you manage to get six mages your enemies will take 100% more magical damage.

However, you need to be careful against the Scaled Alliance. As you probably know, they are one of your biggest enemies. Other than that, this is a pretty solid squad to have right now. You just need to prepare for some casualties because it is pretty squishy.



Following the recent change, this Alliance is actually not as strong as it used to be. However, in terms of individual heroes, it can’t really get better than this. They are still able to deal a lot of damage to your enemies, despite the fact that the Demon Hunter’s pure damage bonus for each Demon doesn’t work anymore.


The Troll Alliance has always been known for its very strong early game performance. One of the reasons behind this is because it is pretty easy to get. It works very similar to Mages in terms of the damage output. However, unless you get your hands on Troll Warlord later on, it can become a little bit difficult to handle against some of the other Alliances.

If you get all four Trolls, you will get the whopping +65% attack speed for them and +35% for the other units on the field. Not bad at all.


The last Alliance on our list are the Assassins. Similar to Mages, it takes some time for them to build up. Until then, you need to figure a way to actually stay alive

because they can get punished by some of the other Alliances pretty heavily.

Despite the fact that you only need six heroes instead of nine to have full power, it still feels like the Assassins are somewhat cringy to play. Their heavy physical damage emphasis makes them inefficient against some of the other Alliances. However, they can work wonders against the other squishy Alliances in the game right now.


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Dota Underlords: Top Five Alliances to Play
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