Dota Underlords to Introduce Two New Game Modes

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Dota Underlords to Introduce Two New Game Modes

Dota Underlords is soon going to receive its biggest update yet. There will be tons of changes such as new heroes, new Alliances and even a new mechanic called Jail, which will prevent certain heroes from being used for the day.

In addition to that, the devs released yet another tease with the upcoming updates.

By the looks of it, the new update will have a couple of new modes. The first one is called Duos, and it allows you to queue up with a friend and fight against seven different teams. After that, we have Freestyle, which is the “creative” mode that allows you to make your own scenario.

The Duos mode was expected because this feature existed in Auto Chess for a long time. From what we know, the two players will share their HP and level. What’s more, each player can help the other one by spending gold and heroes in order to make them stronger. After all, the goal is to survive against the other teams.

As for Freestyle, this is where you can do many cool things. If you’ve always wanted to experiment with different ideas, now is the time to do it. You can test many different combinations and scenarios to see which of them suits your playstyle.

Expect more leaks in the upcoming days. It seems like Valve wants us to be prepared beforehand so that the new update does not come as a shock.

Dota Underlords to Introduce Two New Game Modes
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