Dota Underlords is Now in Open Beta

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Dota Underlords is Now in Open Beta

You probably know by now that Dota 2 Auto Chess is one of the most successful games nowadays. That’s why some of the top game developers decided to make a similar title in order to grab the ever growing fan base.

Valve’s own project is called Dota Underlords. The game was first available only to the TI 9 Battle Pass owners. However, just a couple of days ago, Valve gave out a few codes to the people who already had the game.

Open Beta

As of today, Underlords is officially in an open Beta and can be downloaded on Steam, iOS or Android. This means only one thing – the official release is definitely coming soon and we can’t wait to see the full version of the game.

You can download the game through the official Steam Page by clicking here.

Apart from Valve, League of Legends creators are on the verge of creating a version of their own. Having said that, if these new games continue their rise, there could be some new esports on the horizon.

Expect more information about Dota Underlords soon.

Dota Underlords is Now in Open Beta
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