Dota Underlords: Devs Tease Upgrades to Hero Visuals

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Dota Underlords: Devs Tease Upgrades to Hero Visuals

The Dota Underlords developers teased a visual upgrade to heroes today on their official Twitter account.

Just a couple of days ago, the official Dota Underlords twitter account released some of the upcoming changes to ranked gameplay.

Today, they also revealed something very interesting – a visual change to some of the heroes. In fact, Valve will visually upgrade 10 heroes, and, according to the devs, “all of these sets came from the Dota 2 Workshop community”. Be sure to check the Dota Underlords twitter account in order to see the sets.

WePlay! Dota Underlords tournament

As you are probably aware by now, there is an upcoming WePlay! Dota Underlords open tournament. Having said that, this is one of the first big steps towards making this amazing game an esport. If you want to know about the event, click on the link above.

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Image VIA: Valve

Dota Underlords: Devs Tease Upgrades to Hero Visuals
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