Dota Underlords Battle Pass Leak

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Dota Underlords Battle Pass Leak

The topic of Dota Underlord’s Battle Pass has been on ever since the first rumors started. Having said that, the first real information about it came from Valve a couple of days ago. According to them, “The week after you`ll see the release of progression and what we call the Proto-Battle Pass. This beta Battle Pass will let us iterate on the system with you and get your feedback on what works and what doesn’t plus what kind of content you`d like the Season 1 Battle Pass to include”.

This statement was released around 10 days ago but ever since that moment, there have not been any other major information about it out there.


Apart from what Valve told us, there are some people out there who managed to find several leaks.  To be more specific, the leaks have been found in the so-called “Steam Translation Severs”. This is similar to a test area where Valve tries to have its stuff translated in all languages. Having said that, let’s check all the releases which we are currently aware of.

  • For the first Battle Pass, each player will be given a level and a number of experience points
  • In order to progress, you need to earn more experience points. Those points are earned based on placements in matchmade matches. In addition, there are also other methods of earning points such as completing challenges.
  • Each player will be given one random challenge which may vary. For example, it could be related to dodging attacks, making critical hits, dealing magical damage and so on. In addition, depending on the level of the player, these challenges will become harder. Also, you will have the ability to re-roll a challenge if you don’t like it. However, if you have any sort of progression before you re-roll, it will be lost.
  • It is still not certain how will players claim their prizes. For now, the following rewards will be given to the player: three new gameboards, a wide variety of cosmetics and music or an announcer kit. Of course, since this is a Battle Pass, players will earn more as they progress.

Big credits to Tyler McVicker and his YouTube channel.


The auto battles are slowly taking over the world and Dota Underlords is no exception. Unlike Artifact, Valve is taking their time with this game in order for it to be as good as possible. It is very likely that at least one of the new auto battles will become a future esport. However, it will be a tough call because all of them are pretty good.

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Dota Underlords Battle Pass Leak
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