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Veselin Ignatov
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Dota 2's Wacky Midas Mode 2.0 Comes to Denver

Midas Mode 2.0
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Dota 2's outside-the-box tournament, Midas Mode, will return this year.

This year's Dota 2 tournament schedule was very different compared to last year's. Apart from the changes made to the DPC season, there were various non-DPC even which were very interesting to watch and also included some amazing prize pools. Having said that, the first edition of Midas Mode was truly a joy to watch.

Moonduck is responsible for the creation of this new mode. Even though the concept was first announced in February 2017, the first Midas Mode did not see the light of day until November 2017. Eight teams from North America and Europe, split into two divisions, played for charity.


Midas Mode 2.0

The second version of Midas Mode will have a currency called "Moonbucks." Each team will use this currency for every single action in the game. This includes this like purchasing various things, pausing, picks and bans, choosing sides and many more.


Every team will begin the ten-day tournament with a fixed amount of Moonbucks. Of course, if they want to be able to win the event, they need to accumulate more of them. As of now, the only known method of doing this is by completing "bounties," which are basically challenges. According to the official website, however, there will be more methods for the teams to earn Moonbucks coming soon. In Midas Mode 1.0, these bounties included various different things such as picking only certain type of heroes, for example.

If you have any suggestions about adding different bounties, head over to Dota 2’s Reddit. There you can put on your ideas and each morning SirActionSlacks will choose 10 of them. What’s more, there is no limit to what those bounties can be, so be wild! The only separation is between those that are team-based and those which are not.

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Midas Mode 2.0 LAN event & Format

If fans want to see the event live, they can head over to Denver, Colorado where the tournament will be played.

According to the organizers, “Midas Mode was created to bridge the gap between viewers and pro players and this time we have incredible interactive experiences to make you feel like you are impacting the game. While some of these experiences will be for our online fans, the fans live will have experiences no other tournament can provide.”


In terms of the format, three regions will battle for the prize - NA, EU and China. What’s more, there is also the option for the NA & EU teams to participate in the Grand Final showdown. “It is truly up to them and perhaps you can convince them” - this means that there will most likely be some sort of voting. However, this information is not yet confirmed.


Audience Participation

The fans will also be able to participate directly in Midas Mode 2.0. For example, one fan will put on a VR headset and enter a real-life Rosh pit, becoming Roshan in the actual game.

What’s more, the audience will also be able to control Roshan himself! In addition, there will be options for the LAN crowd to take over an entire wave of game creeps. All in all, this is undeniably going to be a very fun event to watch.

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There is also a lot more stuff to be announced sure. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest esports news.


Image VIA: Forbes

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