Dota 2: Yol accuses Clutch Gamers of Witholding Salary

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Dota 2: Yol accuses Clutch Gamers of Witholding Salary

Professional Dota 2 player Vladimir “yol” Basov has accused the Clutch Gamers organization of refusing to pay his salary.

Clutch Gamers is a professional Dota 2 based in Malaysia. At first, the team had a roster consisted entirely of players from the Philippines. During its early days, the team found a fair amount of success as they dominated the entire SEA scene. In fact, many people thought that they were one of the strongest SEA teams and the main contender from this region to win TI. However, things did not go as planned and CG slowly started to crumble.


Yol's Accusations Against Clutch Gamers

Vladimir “yol” Basov, a Russian professional Dota 2 player, made a thread on Reddit accusing Clutch Gamers of not paying him both salary and prize money that he is owed. In the thread, he explains how he played for Clutch Gamers for several months, but the organization has not paid him what he earned during his time with the team.

According to Basov, Clutch Gamers owes him around $26.5K USD total, made up of a $20K USD prize for the MPGL, $1.5K USD for the ProDota Cup and around $5K + USD from salaries. According to Basov, Clutch Gamers has been unresponsive (ed. note: Basov's account has been lightly edited for clarity).

“It’s been 1 year of waiting already and I lost any hope to get [the money]. As far as I know, when [I] left team they [were] having some arguments with new roster about money things as well, but players didn't tell me exactly what was happening between them so I can’t say for sure. What I know 100% [is that] they didn't play me and [Lai “Ahjit” Jay Son].”


In addition to the text post, he also provided several pictures from the Facebook/Steam conversations:





Basov 5




If Basov's claims are true, then it is a sad chapter in the saga of some of the best Dota 2 players. We can only hope that Basov and Jay Son will be able to get what they’ve earned. As for now, the Clutch Gamers website is offline with an option to buy the domain.

[ed. note: ESTNN cannot authenticate the previous images, but they seem to depict conversations between Basov, representatives of Clutch Gamers, and the Clutch Gamers owner, Jaseem Khan.]

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Images VIA: Join Dota, Vladimir Basov

Dota 2: Yol accuses Clutch Gamers of Witholding Salary
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