Dota 2: xNova Is No Longer Part Of EHOME

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Dota 2: xNova Is No Longer Part Of EHOME

After spending some time with one of the best Chinese Dota 2 teams in the world, Jian Wei “xNova” Yap decided it's time to look for a new challenge.

2020 was not the easiest year for many Dota 2 teams and EHOME is no exception. The Chinese powerhouse had to deal with a lot of problems, but thanks to xNova, they achieved decent results. The fantastic Dota 2 player became a part of the team in September 2020. He played for PSG.LGD, but was transferred to EHOME in order to help the team qualify for TI 10.

The Arrival

As soon as xNova became a part of EHOME, the Chinese achieved amazing results. They managed to secure themselves top-three finished during their first four events. In case you don’t remember, most events were held online due to COVID-19.

Despite the strong performance, once the 2021 DPC started, the team was unable to keep up with the rest. EHOME had some good results, but in the end, the team finished sixth in the DPC league seasons. Meaning EHOME will miss the biggest tournament in Dota 2’s history, which will take place in October of 2021.

After failing to qualify the “normal” way, EHOME had to battle through the qualifiers. Needless to say, this was their only chance at securing a spot for the tournament. Despite reaching the Grand Finals, EHOME was eliminated by Elephant in the Grand Final.

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The Aftermath

Failing to secure a slot for The International 10 meant that something had to change. Several weeks after the qualifiers, xNova decided not to sign a new contract with the organization. Instead, the talented player will try to find a new team as a free agent.

We're eager to see which team will xNova go to. And besides landing on one of the other Chinese powerhouses, he has everything it takes to compete in other regions, such as SEA.

Dota 2: xNova Is No Longer Part Of EHOME
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