Dota 2: Winstrike Is Now Without a Roster

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Dota 2: Winstrike Is Now Without a Roster

Winstrike is a very interesting team in professional Dota. Even though they had a pretty good roster, the team was unable to qualify for pretty much any notable tournament.

This led to a series of roster changes that turned out to be unsuccessful. Because of this, the CIS team completely crumbled in the qualifiers for the first Major of this DPC. That seems to be the last nail in the coffin as they decided to release their roster.

The last remaining members of the team were  Alexander “Nofear” Churochkin, Zaur “Cooman” Shakhmurzaev and Ilya “Lil” Ilyuk. They were the last three players that carried over from the original roster.

Winstrike will try to re-build their entire roster from the ground up. In order to accomplish this, they decided to pick up Arsenij “ArsZeeqq” Usov. Usov used to be the coach of Virtus. Pro until a couple of months ago. However, after the team failed to achieve much at TI 9, he and Pavel “9pasha” Khvastunov left VP.

“Once at the Major in Stockholm I jokingly offered to Marie my help on forming a new team, scouting new players etc. because at that time the team was experiencing some difficulties. Six months have passed and now I am really going to do it and will represent such as a respectable hold by coaching Dota 2 team.” said Usov.

Dota 2: Winstrike Is Now Without a Roster
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